3 Cause Most Common Blogs are Disabled AdSense

For the AdSense account owner, it is appropriate to read, understand and adhere to the Google AdSense program policies so that the blog and also the AdSensenya account is secure from banned.

But sometimes because it is less thorough or what many bloggers are committing to violating Google AdSense program policies so that the blog or site is banned. Still lucky if only his blog was banned if until his account is banned

Actually a lot of violations that could cause the blog to be banned AdSense, but from the experience I run the service of my JV AdSense for more than 2 years, there are at least 3 types of violations that most often occur.

1. Mislabeled Ads

The first violation is due to an error in labeling ads. An ad Label is the headline of the ad that is usually placed above the ad.

Allowed ad text

Google AdSense only allows using the label/title with the words "advertising" and "sponsored messages". In addition to these labels are not allowed, especially labels that can mislead visitors, such as telling visitors to click on an ad.

AdSense banned AD labels

This breach can also occur due to accidental. Suppose you put an ad near a post that resembles a title.

To avoid these violations:

  • Be sure to use only the "ads" and "sponsored messages" labels
  • Or better not to install AD labels at all
  • Don't place ads near text that resemble titles.
2. Ads and content overlap

The second breach is due to advertising and overlapping content.

This violation occurs because the ads that are installed are covered by the content or can also be otherwise, the content is covered by the ad.

Covered advertising content

From a banned case that I had a violation of was due to an ad showing above the post, the post was very short. AdSense ads are considered to be content-covered.

To avoid these violations:

  • Avoid putting ads under the dropdown navigation menu
  • Don't place adjacent ads with other ads
  • Don't use floating widgets
  • Do not advertise above content if the contents are slightly
3. Embedded Ads in search page

There is actually no prohibition to advertise on the search page, but placing an ad on the search page may indirectly lead to a violation.

Such violations usually occur because the presence of an unworthy visitor enters inappropriate keywords in the search form.

For example, visitors are the keyword "adult story" in the search form, usually, the keyword will appear in the URL and also on the search page.

If the URL and search page is detected by Google AdSense It will be considered a violation.

To avoid these violations:

Don't advertise on the search page (read this post for further clarification on this and also how to hide ads on the search page).

That's a list of 3 reasons AdSense banned blogs are most common.

If you have the experience of being banned for violations other than the ones I've mentioned above, don't forget to share via comments.
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