The Best Way to Choose The Right Blog Topic

Choosing a topic or a blog theme is a process in building a blog that usually often confuses most beginner bloggers.

Stage picking topic is the most important stage. If we are wrong in choosing a topic for our blog, then our blog will not work, will fail halfway and have to start from scratch.

How to choose Blog topics

As a blogger who started learning to blog from scratch, confusion, and mistakes in choosing a blog topic I've gone through all. Well, from that experience this time I want to share a little tip on how to best choose a topic for blog buddy.

Mistakes are often done in choosing a blog topic

Before Buddy read the tips on how to best have a topic for a blog buddy, it would be good to read in advance the mistakes that bloggers often do beginners in choosing the blog topics below:

  1. Picking a popular topic but don't know anything about the topic at all
  2. Impersonating another person's blog topic for seeing them succeed
  3. Choosing a topic that is unclear or mixed content
  4. Choose a topic that doesn't have a lot of readers

Above are some of the mistakes that are often done by beginner bloggers including me first. It is better if the buddy does not repeat these mistakes.

How to choose a blog topic

Well now is the time about how to determine a proper topic for a blog buddy.

  1. It's simple. Buddy simply answers the following questions:
  2. What hobby does a buddy really interest in?
  3. What kind of work have you ever had and really enjoyed it?
  4. What experiences have been buddy has?
  5. What skills does a buddy have?
  6. What skills does the buddy yet master but want to learn?
  7. Have you ever thought about wanting to build a business? What business is it?
  8. What questions do friends get from closest friends because they know their buddy experts?

By answering these questions I'm sure Buddy can already find a picture of what the topic can be discussed for a buddy blog.

After a buddy finds an overview of what topics the Buddy can discuss, after staying buddy just write the topic list and select the one that is most interested in.

Choose a topic that's suitable for monetization

If a buddy is blogging for wanting to earn money, then choosing a topic by simply answering the questions above is not enough. Why? Because not all topics are good for monetization. All topics can actually be monetized but not all of them can be monetized in the same way. There's a great fit for monetization with AdSense, there are more suited to monetizing with affiliates, some of which are only suitable for product sales, and so on.

Honestly for this issue is a bit confusing for beginners. The best way, in my opinion, is to simply select a really buddy topic of interest. After that, I'm sure later Buddy will find myself the best way to monetize my blog buddy.

Choose a topic that has fans

One of the mistakes that novice bloggers often do is to choose a topic that is little or no interest. If a buddy chooses a topic like this then the edges will only result in disappointment because the blog buddy will be Lonely end. Do some research before determining the keywords that will be chosen. Use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Google Trends to analyze whether a topic you select has a lot of fans or not.

I'm confused, how about a lot of topics?

If a buddy really can't find a fitting topic, then discussing a lot of topics is becoming a last resort. Personally I less so like the blog model like this for some reason. For more detailed reviews please read here = > Choose where to discuss one topic or many topics?


Selecting a topic is arguably easy-to-find difficult. Easy for those who are experienced, difficult for new to the blog. It doesn't matter if the buddy chooses the wrong topic because that is a learning process. Mistakes and failures are reasonable.
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