5 + Best free SEO Tools for bloggers

If you want to have a website with a lot of visitors, then you should do SEO optimization on your website. SEO optimization is very useful and also provides a long-term effect to bring visitors away rather than using ads.

Doing SEO optimization is not an easy job and provides a quick effect like putting on an advertisement. However, if you succeed will make your website visited naturally through search engines and this lasts very long. Even searching through search engines proved to be potent in converting visitors into customers because they are indeed looking for something that really is being needed. So, you shouldn't ignore this. And here are some of the best free SEO Tools of the year 2019 that you can use as a tool for SEO optimization of your website.


Google Search Console is the first thing you should use. Google's proprietary tool, formerly called Webmaster Tools, can be utilized to register quick sitemaps and indexing so your website can quickly be found on Google's search engine. Even if you are not so proficient in SEO, with Google Search Console you will quickly understand the direction of your SEO optimization. This set of tools will give you valuable information about your site in a snap, this Google Search Console can assess your site's performance and observe potential problems to solve (such as negative spam links), help you ensure your site is Google-friendly and monitors Google's indexing of your site.

You can even report spam and request reconsideration if your site is subject to penalties. However, if you're not referring to their Webmaster guidelines, you can get a penalty with a website that's no longer accessible in the Search engine index. Google Search Console Tools are constantly being updated, and new features are being developed to be better, such as new URL inspection tools or new Sitemap reports.


SEOQuake SEMRush is one of the most popular toolbar extensions that are widely used by millions of people. It allows you to view multiple search engine parameters quickly and save as well as compare them with the results obtained for other projects. Although the icons and numbers generated by SeoQuake may not be understood by new users, this adds on will provide detailed SEO optimization information.

Measure the details about the number of visitors and their country, get a history of the current site traffic on the chart, and more. The Toolbar includes buttons for site updates for Google to index, backlinks, SEMRush ratings, Facebook like Bing Index, Alexa ranking, age of Web archives and links to Whois pages. There's also a cheat sheet and a diagnostic page that's useful to have a broad view of potential problems (or opportunities) that affect a particular page or site.


Knowing the right keywords to target is most important when determining the content of your web articles. This Google free keyword tool is a part of Adwords, and it's very easy to use. You just need to enter your website URL into the box, start reviewing suggested keywords and use. Jill Whalen, CEO of HighRankings, com is a fan of this tool and advises those who are new to keyword optimization, to use the Keyword Planner tool in your website content.

This is really a descriptive question because the keyword phrase usually illustrates what you have to offer. Also, make sure you think as if trying to answer someone's question that will type something in the search engine. They usually search on Google because they have questions or problems to solve. Make your website answer those questions and solve that problem and it will be the only one shown in the search results.


Google Optimize is a website testing and experiment platform. For most users, this will allow for quick and easy testing of page design and content changes.

This free Google service helps you get the guesses that you can and also allows you to test the content of your site: from simple A/B testing of two different pages to comparing the entire combination of elements on A given page and also to personalization features. Note that to run some more elaborate multivariate testing, you'll need sufficient traffic and time to make the results actionable, just as you would with Google Analytics.


Any SEO expert or experienced search engine optimization will tell you about important keywords for your website, and sometimes they just incorporate keywords into your articles arbitrarily where it can harm you, it needs to be ensured you have the right balance in the processing of keywords in your website.

To know the balance of keywords, you can use a free tool called Live Keyword Analysis which is very easy to use: just type in your keyword and then paste in your text and keyword density analysis will be done quickly. And if the results have come up and have a bad value, then don't forget to prove and edit your text to make it easier to understand your readers and don't stack your keywords so that your content is hard to understand.


The Google Pagerank algorithm supports most of what makes the Web World Wide Web currently working as it does. Understanding Backlinks (sites that link you) allows website owners and publishers to understand what link opportunities they might miss. And Ahrefs, arguably one of the most powerful players in terms of SEO tools.

They retain one of the largest direct backlink indices currently available with 16 trillion known links, covering 200 million root domains. Although Ahrefs is not free, there are free features that you can take advantage of a backlink checker or Backlink Checker, wherewith this tool you will be provided with a handy snapshot that includes your domain rankings, top 100 backlinks, Top 5 anchors and top 5 pages. All of that is important information for SEO optimization on your website.

And that's the 6 best free SEO tools Nowadays, you can use the above SEO tools as a guiding tool in your SEO optimized website. However, out of all the tools above is only your tool which is not a tool that will make your website immediately at the first stage. You can follow what's shown by the above tools and create interesting content that makes the search engine like your site and brings a lot of visitors.
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