20 Beginner SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Well, to find out if a buddy uses the right or wrong SEO techniques, please be listened to a list of 20 SEO mistakes often done by beginners below:

1. Learning SEO is not from basic

Just a few weeks learn SEO, but already learned obscure techniques such as link pyramid, link wheels, link God drunken, and so on without actually understanding some of the basic things about SEO.

Quite important to understand what exactly it is SEO, what is SEO Blackhat and whitehat, what is a backlink, how does the search engine work, how does the Google algorithm work, and so forth.

If we learn SEO is not from basic then when we use the SEO technique is unclear and the technique is no longer functioning, then our edges will be confused.

2. Forgetting keyword Research

Not doing keyword research is the most common mistake that beginners do. Don't be surprised if the blog buddy is lonely visitors though blog Buddy is in the top position of search engines. That's because Buddy doesn't do the right keyword research.

For a complete tutorial on how to research the right keywords, please read my post titled How to research the most accurate keywords.

3. Create the content randomly

Choosing the right keyword is not enough, we also need to create truly quality content to be liked by Google.

Creating quality content is also not solely for Google, but also for our blog readers because that's the ultimate goal.

Don't forget to read my post on how to create articles for Google to be liked.

4. Not using Google webmaster Tools

Google provides some free tools that are very important for SEO purposes. One tool that is mandatory to use is Google webmaster tools.

With Google Webmaster Tools we can see how our blog performs in search engines. We can see our blog like how Google sees our blog.

We can check out backlinks, the most popular keywords, the number of page indices, the various errors we have on our blog, and much more.

So it's a big mistake if we don't make the most of this tool.

5. Not optimizing title and meta description

Most novice SEOers are just thinking about how to be able to get in the top position of the search engine regardless of how the blog performs in the search engines.

Free if the blog buddy appears in the top position but the title and description of the blog Buddy do not draw the attention of Google users to click on it.

6. Trust the SEO Tag meta code

There are still quite a few beginners who think of using just a meta-tag with a custom blog to appear in the top rankings of search engines. Install any meta code tag without actually understanding what the function of the code is.

Some meta code tags are important enough for SEO, for example, the description tag meta code. But the effects of these codes are very not great against the SEO blog buddy.

7. Not using a variation of anchor text

I'm sure most of the buddy already knows, if looking for backlinks then it's better to use keyword target keyword as anchor text.

But the use of keywords as an anchor text excessively is not good because it will harm the blog buddy because it will be considered spam.

So when looking for backlinks don't 100% just use the target keyword as anchor text. Use the keyword variation related or use the blog name of the buddy as anchor text.

8. Not doing internal linking

Internal links are important so that the end and also search engines can more easily explore other posts that are relevant in the blog buddy.

Internal linking also has many other benefits, such as increasing pageview and also lowering the bounce rate of blog buddy.

9. Thinking too keyword density

What percentage should a keyword appear in a single post? 1%, 2%, 3%, or 50%?

The answer: not important.

Just write a post naturally, do not think of the name keyword density. The most important keyword that a target buddy appears in a post. Either it's in the title, in the first paragraph, in the last paragraph, etc.

The issue of how many percent is not important.

10. Using Bold, Italic, Underline excessively

One of the Jadul SEO techniques that are still quite widely used by beginners. It uses Bold, Italic, and Underline excessively.

The use of such methods is not at all effective because it will not help increase the ranking of blog buddy, instead it will precisely interfere with the convenience of blog readers buddy.

Just use bold, italic, or underline if really needed.

11. Not paying attention to blog loading speed

Google is very concerned about the loading speed of a blog or website. That's because Google wants to provide the best experience for Google users by prioritizing web-web with fast loading at the top position of search results.

If the buddy has a blog then it is better to immediately quit now using the widgets excessively and the blog trinkets that are not at all important. Because of all that would make the blog buddy heavy.

12. Not using a mobile-friendly design

Nowadays, the mobile-friendly design has become one factor by Google to determine web rankings in search results, especially on mobile devices.

The reason is obvious, now mobile device users have very much, more of a desktop computer user.

For in-depth reviews on this topic please read my post on this one.

13. Just focus on finding backlinks

It's not a secret that backlinks are the most important factor of SEO. But don't let it just focus on backlinks because now there are very many other factors that affect SEO.

Watch SEO OnPage blog buddy, quality content on blog buddy, blog popularity buddy, social media, and so forth.

14. Greater importance to quantity than backlink quality

When you're looking for backlinks, don't just think about getting as many backlinks as possible, but focus on the quality.

Look for backlinks from websites or blogs that are relevant to blog Buddy and also websites that have authority.

15. Still Hobby exchange links

Exchange links are one example of the method of finding a backlink not qualified. This method has been worn and it is not effective anymore, but it seems still pretty much does.

Exchange links are not just a method of backlinks that are ineffective, but also harmful to blog Buddy because it belongs to the category link Schemes that is hated by Google.

If the buddy still does it then do not regret if the blog Buddy is hit by the Google algorithm.

16. Fixed on SEO score 

I quite often get a question like this:

Mas, my blog SEO score is 100% but Kok does not appear on Google huh?

This is an example of bloggers who don't learn SEO from basic. It's important to know that Google uses more than 200 factors to hack Web pages on the Internet. So in no way can be used as a reference to the SEO score, because SEO does not have scores.

17. Overly obsessed with PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa rank, etc.

Still, related to the SCORE. One of the other mistakes beginners often do is to be overly obsessed with scores like PageRank, DA, PA, Alexa Rank, and so on.

Specifically for PageRank as we know that Google has not done the update anymore. So it is absolutely not important to think about it.

To assess whether the SEO we are doing is successful or not by way of seeing PR, DA, PA, and Alexa Rank, but see the number of blog buddy blogs, see how much AdSense earnings blog buddy, see how many products are successfully sold. Because that is the most important.

18. Rely solely on SEO to bring visitors

If the buddy has just created a blog or website, then it is important enough to not only rely on search engines as a place to search for visitors.

At least for 6 months to 1 year first do not be too focused only on SEO, but use other methods such as promotion via social media, blog walking, or social bookmarking.

19. Expect instant results from SEO

SEO is increasingly difficult because Google increasingly smarter. So never expect instant results from SEO because it all needs a process.

Do not worry if possible the first few months of blog Buddy is still difficult to compete in search engines. The most important thing is to keep it consistent.

20. Not learning from the Master SEO

The last one is the most important. Learn the same people who have proven their experiences. When Buddy Googling looking for information about SEO then do not easily believe in tutorials from bloggers who are less obvious origins.

The Tutorial that is in a friend read this also do not get taken in the raw without further investigation as I am not a Master of SEO, just a blogger who wants to share the experience only.
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