9 Advantages and Benefits of Being a Blogger

Blogger is now a professional phenomenon that many people demand. A blogger is often laid aside and is also considered by the eye. Many consider if a blogger is a pointless job that will not benefit anything. But in fact, all these assumptions are wrong.

Maybe they don't know or have never felt like and grief as a blogger. As a result, the statement is often ejected from their mouths. But a variety of insertions, Caucasian, and Remehan shouldn't make you lose the motivation to become a blogger. Moreover, this profession is actually not professional, the evidence that many bloggers can succeed.

The question is, why can success? Sure because they want to work hard. One of the things that you should know, one will not succeed in a job if he does not love the job. They can get it all because it really loves the work they do. In addition to being a blogger is something profitable for them.


Being bloggers do not think to make money from the Internet and also free from the job of being an employee and a much more free work from various places as long as it is connected to the Internet, but more than that.

What's true being a blogger is profitable? The answer is precise, very profitable. Some of these benefits for sure you get a word do not intend to become a blogger. What is it? Check out the following discussion:


Being a blogger can write is something to have. Because that's the job that requires someone to create content. But unfortunately, this is still the biggest problem because most of them have writing skills that are still lacking.

But over time and your journey as a blogger, every day never goes out of writing, you will gradually increase your ability to write. Let's still have a chance to do it from now before you regret it yourself later.


We must admit, Indonesia is indeed a country with very low levels of literacy. Indonesian lazy People reading is indeed a fact that we can not deny. Especially young people who prefer to watch the Joget show on TV than read books either newspaper, news on the Internet, or literary works.

By being a blogger, it must be intentionally or unintentionally you read articles belonging to other people's sites or read books that support material on the content of your blog. With such insight and knowledge more widespread and your writing is much better and more weighted.


If you are a blogger then it is likely to get to know more people on the Internet. As long as you are really active and often visit other people's blogs and give positive comments. Also, fellow bloggers can meet each other to meet up so that they can get to know each other further.

Also, fellow bloggers can also get to know each other in several chatting groups and social media such as Facebook, Line, Whatsapp, Telegram, and so on.


A blogger has at least been aware of the basics of marketing science, especially in terms of copywriting. A simple example of your blog post title that attracts visitors so that it can increase the traffic of the site. In addition to the way, bloggers do promotion, SEO to utilize social media is also a marketing technique that is commonly done by a blogger.

Well if the marketing science is mastered, then it is useful for those of you who also have other jobs such as selling products and Notabene also need good marketing and marketing science. You can also create an online store blog as a way to market your products for sale. Wah Cool Yes, in addition to science, money can also be obtained from the results selling.


Not only journalists or reporters who always update the latest news developments in the homeland. Blogger also does the same thing. It is usually done to find out the latest news to become a post on his blog. It is increasingly proving if a blogger is someone who always follows the development times and never misses the news that is up to date (latest).


We live in an era of technological advances and advanced digital eras. Being a must of someone, especially the bloggers to know the development and mastering the latest technology. With frequent creating of content about technology, such as laptops, smartphones, computers, iPhones or others.

Also, you are also accustomed to using the facilities available on the Internet such as social media, Dropbox, SlideShare, and others. The ability to use technology is a proud thing. Moreover, it is not all mastered.


A blogger is not only required to master article writing techniques only. But the material in the content also needs to be mastered. To be able to master, you've done some thorough research so that the writing you make becomes more targeted and definitely more weighted. This research can include content research and also keyword research that can be done using tools such as Ahrefs, ubbersugest, or Google keyword planner.


Is it able to make money from blogs? Certainly very can. There are many ways and paths you can travel to get it. It can be by placing standalone banner ads or CPC ads like Google AdSense, content placement, or selling products or services on a blog that we manage. And all you have to know, earning money from blogs can't be earned instantly but it requires struggle and hard work. Many indeed beginner bloggers come to be bloggers because their main goal is money, but it will be easy once a new blogger is not continuing their dreams of being bloggers because making money through blogs is not easy and fast.


Blogger has to regularly update posts on their blog to stay alive and not to lose a lot of visitors. One of the best ways to keep your blog crowded is to discipline creating posts, at least 1 article per day. With the discipline of creating that content too, make a blogger more likely to succeed and get a visit that is increasing every day, because a blog that is a successful key is on many visitors.

Looking at these interesting benefits, do you hesitate to become a blogger? If you are interested in the world of blogging, you really don't need a big capital. You can start by buying a few things to start your blogging activities like Hosting & Domain (paid) and web Platform WordPress (free).

And that's some of the advantages you can get when wanting to be a blogger, the most important thing when you become a blogger is to be patient, always learning and discipline.
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