18 Ways to Optimize Latest SEO Blogger for Beginner Bloggers

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that must be done so that the article can be on the first page of Google. Page One Google is the main goal of a website so that it can bring many visitors. Not only pay attention to the Blogger only Template that is SEO Friendly but also pay attention to the quality of content created.

Latest SEO Blogger

In this article, I will try to discuss about SEO in a complete version according to my personal experience. Buddy can try to practice it so that the quality of the Blog itself is increasing. It is not difficult because the language I use is a sentence for beginners and is easy to understand.

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SEO optimization bloggers start from setting templates, how to write up to the use of backlinks

1. Quick RSS Feed Settings

Many of lazy bloggers do fraudulent things by stealing content through RSS feeds. By doing this it disadvantages the author of the article because duplicate content occurs. So as not to be stolen automatically do the settings RSS Feed that goes to Daskboar Blogger > > Settings > > More > > Allow Blog feeds (select short).

2. Enable Meta tags description

The function of the Meta Tag Blog description is so that Google can detect the description of our site. It can be seen when getting a site link on the Google homepage Then there is an explanation of our Blog below. How to enable it is to log in to Dashboard Blogger > > > Settings > Basic > > Description (Fill in maximum 500 characters).

3. Enable custom Robot title Tag

For robots. txt, I prefer to leave it Default (disabled). As for Tag of the special Robot Title, I do a little setting so that there is no duplicate archive page content). Here's how to log into Dashboard Blogger > > > Settings > Search Preferences > > in Special Robot Tag please settings as above screenshot.

4. Provide text Title and Alt text on image

By giving the Title in the image, it will simplify search engine detection. Not only articles that can be on Page One Google but pictures can also even bring traffic. The trick is simple, click on Image > > select Properties > > Enter text Title and Alt text according to the image.

5. Create a post description

When you create an article we create a Label right next to it and underneath it is where to fill in the post description. Buddy can fill with the word length about 50 words according to the needs. Fill in the primary keywords and related child keywords to get noticed when they appear on the Google homepage.

6. Using the SEO Friendly Template

Never select a Template from the other using a free Template taken on the Google homepage. Use the Premium Template by buying it directly to the Template owner. Choose SEO Friendly. For those of you who still became can read the article 8 Tips on choosing Premium templates or how to check the Responsive templates and SEO.

7. Maximize User Experience

The user experience while on our Blog is crucial as the basis of Google's judgment. The more readers linger long then it will be better and certainly can improve the Rank Blog. Look at the template view so that visitors feel comfortable. The more mainstream is the quality of content that suits the needs of the reader.

8. Targeted article title with Keyword in front

There are many Blogger writers whose origins make the title of the article so that the content results in vain. The targeted title is to place keywords in front of them and provide additional related words. To get a good headline, you can do some research using certain Tools.

9. Create the title of the article using click

When our articles appear on the Google homepage try to make the most interesting as possible. Although Page One Google is not necessarily a visitor do a click if it is less interesting. Make it as appealing as anyone who sees it curious. This proves to be effective both on Google and when searching on the Youtube homepage.

10. Long and complete articles

Having an article with Word count above 500 or more than 1000 belongs to good. Noteworthy here is the grouping of each paragraph. There is no repetition of discussion as the language structure is read by Google. Create a skeleton article first so it's easy to make language.

11. Internal links between articles

Internal links are indispensable in every article that is made so that visitors stay longer on our blog. Note that there are two types of internal links used. I would suggest a friend use a manual compared to automatic so the link according to that discussed. The number of internal links at least 3 and many can be adjusted to requirements.

12. External links to relevant sites

Some blog authors avoid granting external links to other blogs. But precisely if you make links to other sites that are relevant or according to the articles that are discussed will be better. Use Dofollow link do not Nofollow because of some tutorials that I read more advise as such.

13. Keyword Density is not too much

Density is a particular keyword in a single article. Don't repeat a bunch of keywords too much because it will be bad for the quality of the content. Set the key nicely and spread to several paragraphs to make it look good. Use sentences that are easy to understand and good to read.

14. Zoom your keywords into articles

People who are accustomed to writing will certainly be a lot of new sentences that appear in the post. Create related child keywords as more and more vocabulary you make will be better. It's not just the title of the article that Google detections but the sentences in Blog posts also read.

15. Use of Bold, Italic and Underline

It is important to use Bolt (thick text), Italic (italics) and Underline (underlined writings). But heart if the use is too much because it is not good in the eyes of Google. Marking the sentence is used as necessary to the word that is important or to be aware of.

16. Understanding H1, H2, H3, and H4 functions

Understand on a basic basis about Heading, Subheading, Minor Heading, Normal. Do not overuse because it will be fatal. Use it as a good SEO base especially the exact title and keyword placement. By writing the articles in the Almi and original is better yet.

17. SEO On Page

Optimization of the blog itself starting from the selection of templates up to the technique of article writing has included a good SEO On Page. Do several stages of the Blogger Settingan above, writing the right article up to the creation of the internal and external links are good than can be ensured the maximum result.

18. SEO Off-Page

Besides On-Page there is a term Off-Page that is doing Blog optimization by way of looking for Backlink support outside. Look for the Forum that gave the Backlink Doffolow then leave the active article Link there. Can also use Content Placement services like the one in the Blog Mastimon but you need to withdraw funds.

Of all the explanations about the SEO above are actually enough to maximize a Blog. The quality of the content is a major factor in maximization including no sentence Copy Paste from other blogs. Moreover, Buddy does the cheat by doing a copy-paste and then re-editing it to become an article on the smallseotools version of ORI.

If you already know about SEO now live how to practice it. The main enemy is open the way the SEOnya but the level of laziness in writing articles. Create a new start to learn how to write and learn to compose words and compose a sentence. Many readings can help simplify writing.

If you see experience in article writing to be smooth then make a habit of writing every day. If you work in a company then spend about an hour at night. SEO optimization is sure we can do the origin has a strong will. Happy writing and see you on Page One Google.
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