6 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog!

A blog is one of the least inexpensive and easy media that can be used by many people to write something. With the blog, you can tell me all the things you want to write. There are various types of blogs that you can make themes for example blog traveling, blog product reviews, blog tutorials, blog cooking recipes or blogs that content personal experience. Well, most people like to be lazy in blogging because there is no dual. Many people think that writing a blog will only be time-consuming and not making any money. However, did you know that there is a way to make money from the blog? You can earn money from blogs without a lot of capital! Want to know how? Let's follow 8 ways of earning money from blogs from Mommy on Purpose here!

How to make money from blogs

1. Start creating a Blog, now!

Feel free to start! Start creating your blog today! For beginners, there are a variety of platforms that you can use for blogging such as Blogger, WordPress, Ghost and so on. One of the most popular platforms is WordPress. Nearly 30 people in the world use WordPress as a blog/website platform. This is because WordPress is easy to use for beginners and has a lot of features, themes, and plugins that are easy to custom. To make money from the website, you have to use the domain hosting on your blog to look professional. There are cheap domain hosting that can be ordered. For beginners, there are many ways to create a blog/website both manually and automatically. Try reading how to create a Wordpress website. For you who do not want to bother, now there is already an Instant Deploy technology to create websites instantly. However, previously do not forget to specify the desired blog theme Yes!

2. Fix Blog View

Well after the blog/website already exists, then the blog theme has also been determined, now it is time to improve the look of the blog. The blog view is a first impression website visitors. The more the blog ends it will be the more money you will earn. For WordPress, there are many templates that you can choose from. Even to add an image or video slider, you can use additional plugins. To change the theme/template please read the Beginner WordPress Guide. Make sure you customize the look of the blog with themes that will be discussed in the blog. Do not make your blog look black only while the one discussed is a recipe for cooking. It is certainly not interesting?

3. Content is Everything

Now it's time to discuss blog content. Keep in mind that content is the soul and power of the blog. So, make sure you write the blog according to the blog theme. Do not start with a very long sentence, it will make visitors bored. And also don't use a lot of unnecessary words, except for personal blogs that tell personal experience. Always write content from the heart and useful to others! Although this blog is later to make money, but do not waive its primary purpose. A full-content and useful Blog for visitors will be selected by Google to enter the first rank at the time of the search. You can read 5 ideas of writing a Blog that you should choose for many visitors. Don't forget to add the supporting image to draw.

4. You're not a NEWBIE

Newbie is a designation for beginners or newcomers. As a beginner blogger, of course, many must-learn in terms of skill to the appearance of the blog. Well, do not until you look newbie at the time Nge-blog ya! Always remove the "Hello World" example page and the metadata column so your blog doesn't look new. In terms of view, make sure the letters and blog colors don't change. If your blog is "Labil" and it always changes, it looks unprofessional. Don't forget to add a category in each of its content.

5. Earning money from blogs

How to make money from blogs there are many ways. You can use the help of Google Adsense, quality content and affiliates. If you want to use Google Adsense, make sure you have high page views. How? You can use social media to "boost" the posts on the blog. However, earlier please fill the blog with quality content. Quality content is profitable and useful content for the crowd. For example, your blog contains tutorials, how to do things, solutions to problems. Usually, blogs with such content will be sought by people. You can read the Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott to increase blog traffic. Also, you can utilize affiliate marketing. Affiliates are one of those systems where you would recommend someone to a website about a particular URL. If people buy the product through the link/banner posted on the blog then you will earn money. Find out more about affiliates in the profitable affiliate Domain Hosting.

6. Yeah, collect emails a lot!

There is one way of making money from blogs without capital. You can collect visitors ' emails as much as you want to increase blog traffic. Kok can? So when there's a recent post, you can tell others. Who knows they are in need then they open your blog! How can we get a lot of emails? Quiet! You can use the WordPress Email Marketing Plugin or Email Capture to help you.

How to make money from the Internet without the easiest capital is to create a blog. You can create a website or blog with a laptop, domain and cheap hosting, as well as a brilliant idea! To earn money from the blog, you can start by thinking about something that people are looking for and solution. For example, how to reinstall your computer, how to create a website, how to create an online store or how to make a website on Google's first ranking. Keep Blogging!
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