Tutorial How To Resolve Epson L805 Printer Blinking All Lights Error

Epson Printer L805 is a photo printing Printer that is widely used by Indonesian people who are entrepreneurial in the field of printing. With a fairly affordable price and good quality print results and the level of durability of a printer (stubborn) on this occasion, I will share a tutorial how to solve the problem of Epson printers L805 lights on all Blink simultaneously flashing indicators Power, Wifi, ink, paper, and on-screen desktop pops up notification: Kslhn Paper Jammed as shown in the following screenshot:

Looks at Epson L805 in error blink all Light (Power indicator, Wi-fi, ink, and paper concurrent) and on the desktop screen appears information on the occurrence of paper jammed.

Before finding this solution, I was confused and worried when it turns out this type of error caused by hardware damage such as paper sensors or other components. Initially, the error occurs only once when switched on Epson L805 Direct Blink All Light than when switched off and re-switched the printer back to normal.

After a few days, it turns out that the error is returning and occurs more frequently every time the printer is turned on and the harder it is to fix it if it was previously shut down and turned on again, it is turned off and on Until many times still error blink All Light simultaneously.

After trying to find a solution to the error through searching Google and implementing several methods to resolve it was missed the cause of the error blink All Light simultaneously on the Epson printer L805.

Apparently, this is due to the presence of dust dirt and ink on the head track area, it is quite natural that the automatic dry season is a lot of dust that enters the unit of the printer even though it has been routinely cleaned and when the printer is not used closed With a dust protective cloth.

If you are a user of an Epson Printer L805 are facing problems of the Blink lamp indicator Epson L805 simultaneously lit, the solution is very easy, open the Printer cover then clean the Head track Area as shown in the photo below using a tissue or cloth until clean.

Because it does not cover the possibility that many areas stick to dust dirt and splash ink when used to print photos. As a result, the sensors detect the existence of paper jammed, when in fact, due to dirt, dust, ink spills or possibly foreign objects in the head.

After you clean the area of the head track L805 Epson Printer, try turning on, God Insyaallah your Printer will return to normal and ready to use to print photos back.

Learn from the above experience, we as a printer user should always take care and pay attention to the cleanliness of the printer to avoid any unwanted things caused by negligence as a user. If the printer is not used for long periods should the printer be closed with a cloth to avoid dust and foreign objects that could be entered into the paper baking area.
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