Tutorial how to post CPC Banner ads floating Blog Other AdSense

In this post, I will share a tutorial on how to install a Banner ad floating in the middle of the Page view Dashboard blog. With such an advertisement may slightly reduce the convenience of the blog visitors, but whether you are a friend of an ad warehousing blogger floating in the middle of the page view of the blog is one of the ways to increase the earnings Klick Ads. How not when the user visits the blog then the main page displayed is an advertisement that covers the blog content, inevitably the user will do Klick on the advertisement. For users who are already familiar with the Internet, browsing will be easy to close the ad because it has been provided close button is with 2x Klick, the first klick the ad will disappear but reappears in the upper corner then on the second Klick the ad will actually Be Lost.

What is profitable is that when there is a user who is still public, surely they will be confused to close and eventually the inadvertent users will click on the banner advertisement. This will obviously increase the CPC ad traffic that is posted on the blog. The ad code that I'm going to share is perfect for ad Cose per click (CPC) banner ads that are paid by the number of clicks. But you can also install Cose per mile (CPM) ads or ads at a cost per 1,000/view But the result will be less than the maximum. Here is the appearance of my blogger Buddy, an example of the look of a PC Browser and an Android Smartphone.

For Buddy bloggers who want to install ads floating like the screenshot above please suck free HERE And for installation please follow step by step below:

First of all login to Blogger, on the page dashboard blog Select Layout menu, then Klick add Newgadget widget above post.

Select HTML/Java Script

Past press The floating AD code you've downloaded on the content area then don't forget the section that says..... PASPRESS BANNER AD CODE HERE.... Replace with the banner ad code that you want to mate blogger pairs.

After the supplied and insert the code, click Save. Then drag/Drag the gadget down to put below the Featured Post Gadget, or above the Post Blog page, the last step of the Save setting

To see the results of the advertising advertisement please click on view Blog and see... CPC banner ads are already displayed in the middle of the blog page.
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