5 Trait of Quality SEO Articles

To get many visitors from search engines, it takes articles that are SEO-standard. Articles of this type can customize the keywords searched by visitors. The system of Search engines will also be easier in recognizing the contents of the article made.

SEO (Search Engine Optimation) has an important role so that the article can compete. This technique is generally done by a professional, Agan written content can occupy a long time 1 SEARCH Engine.

Because indeed to make the article SEO required special skills. But not to worry, it will be described some things related to the traits of SEO articles. If you want to create an article like this, make sure the articles are made to have the appropriate characteristics. SEO article traits


In any case, quality becomes the most important thing, no exception to the article. Quality articles could be characterized by the content density of the article. Readers will regret it and go when reading an article that has a rambling explanation. Different if the article content is easy to understand and corresponds to what the reader is looking for.

When an article can help readers solve their problems, it can also be said to be a quality article. This will help in the application of SEO techniques that have been practiced so many people.

Convenient reads

The writing style, font size, font color are some of the things that affect whether the article is easy to understand or not. Google can identify whether the article is convenient when reading or not.

Have you heard the term Bounce Rate? When the bounce rate on the article is high, it signifies that the article is irrelevant.

When many of the blog visitors go straight away when they have just opened your blog, the bounce rate will be higher. It could be one of the traits that the article you wrote is not at all interesting to read.

For that, you have to understand who the reader of your blog, The age of the reader, so that you can adjust his writing style. Not forever the use of the raw language style to be a favorite, many blogs are using colloquially to write their articles.


The article originally is one of the things to be aware of when creating content. Google will first put the original article to be on its search page.

The simplest way is to not duplicate other people's articles. For beginners, doing a rewritten article can also produce an original article.

However, it can make the reader bored because the contents of his article may have been read on other people's blogs. It would be better if the articles are made original and also unique.

In this sense, a unique article is written in its own language style without duplicating other people's writing. This can be a hallmark of the article and allows it to get big traffic due to the lack of competitors.

Keyword Density

In Bahasa Indonesia, keyword density is commonly interpreted as keyword density. An SEO article generally has keywords distributed in some parts.

Generally, the number of keyword placement is a maximum of 3% of the article content. So it will not interfere with visitors in reading the article. In keyword density, There is usually a primary keyword and a child keyword.

Supporting images

Images are just a mere support article. But this has an effect on SEO. In the image can be inserted into the main keyword or its derivatives, so that during the crawl process, the keywords in the image can help optimize the article written.

With the image also makes the reader will not feel bored. Especially if the article is a tutorial, the image becomes indispensable.

That's some feature of SEO articles. If your blog content hasn't implemented some of the features above, it could be said SEO optimization on your content is less than maximum. Therefore, use an SEO writing technique for your article to occupy the old 1 search engine.
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