Tips Succest of Review Site Google Adsense

For businesses in the internet world such as Blogger or Youtuber, one of the important things is to register their blog or YouTube account in Google Adsense. This is certain if anyone claims that they have become a blogger or a YouTuber who is just a hobby, it is because the account they have has not been registered with Adsense and they made the reason. However, in fact, this opinion is not entirely true, because it is likely to be 80% for Adsense reasons and the rest is because it is a hobby or another. But it is undeniable that a blogger or Youtuber can get a decent purse.

Many of the people who do not work in the real world for example in the office or the company but instead prefer to work online as a blogger or YouTuber or even undergo these two businesses together. To be able to earn the income you want while blogging or through YouTube videos you have to qualify in the Review site in Google Adsense. Previously you had to register a blog and YouTuber account, but this is not as easy as reversing your palms. Certain conditions need to be considered when registering on Google AdSense.

For a blog, it is easier and faster to be able to register in AdSense, but the earnings that can be certainly not too big. As for YouTube itself, it is very difficult to be able to get an AdSense account and also your monetization videos – videos that are successfully uploaded. But for his latest information that is in 2019, the Google party has implemented a new way to be able to add a blog site to Google Adsense. Then we can not do it in Semylene-MENA again because the site we added will be in the review first by Google.

To be successful in the Google Adsense Add review site you must start using the latest way that has been set according to the default. Moreover, new blogs that have never been registered in AdSense, we will not know the mistakes that exist in our Blog. Then the latest list provisions 2019 works for Non-Hosted Adsense or Google Hosted. For that, you want to pass in this stage? Let's note the Tips and tricks to get away with the Google Adsense Review site below.
  1. The Article we created in a blog does not violate Adsense policies. 
  2. The Article we created must not be Copas (Copy Paste) or the same as any other blog or site. Be it just some article or even an article in one blog, for now, it is recommended to use 1 picture only in one article that is at the beginning of the sentence 
  3. At least have signed up for Google Webmaster Tools, also recommended to other webmasters like Yandex and Bing 
  4. Create a page like a contact section, Disclaimer, Privacy, and also About 
  5. Maximizing the Look of blog template setup. 
  6. Replacing a template into a responsive one is not recommended, so you should simply maximize the existing template Setup now. If your blog visitors are pretty much, changing templates can be detrimental please note that there are no links that are an error on navigation, such as links with signs such as "#" in layouts or templates. 
  7. Also, make sure that the domain user does not have a bad reputation for Google such as the used domain Banned.
This Review Site is not difficult when you follow the tips already given. When you are finished, the blog or site that we add will be reviewed by Google within 1 x 24 hours. Hopefully with this article can give answers to your concerns about the latest feature "Review Site" from Google Adsense.

Several Google Adsense accounts do not go through the review stage. For a new account, you'll be going through that stage. Have a good luck and good luck!
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