3 things to look for before publishing Blogger new Post entry

Write the form of articles or tutorials that will be published to the public through bloggers who need a good writing technique and correct. Most beginner bloggers are less precise in post-making procedures because it may be a factor of ignorance and experience of being a blogger not long ago so many blog management methods especially in the creation of posts that have not yet Mastered.

There are 3 things to be aware of for you a beginner blogger who is learning to manage and build a blog at the time before publishing a post that is already made.

The first one is to label based on the grouping of the post theme type by filling in the post Label under the entry settings Label Sub Menu. It aims to explain the identity of posts based on the theme being discussed to the Google Searching   Engine. Suppose you discuss how to maintain body hygiene or home environment then the label could use the word health. Because the essence of the Post's description keeps cleanliness body or environment is healthy.

The label of this post is Blogger because this post is one of the most popular ways of managing the right blog and Label to use is Blogger.

The second is   set the link of the post to be published through the permanent link Sub menu, although automatically the link will be made by itself, sometimes the link is not automatically precise not even SEO friendly according to Google Searching Engine as shown in the following screenshot:

The automatic Link appears to be less precise with a word-before- suffix. Obviously, links like this do not represent the core or content of a post created. Also, at the end of the embankment where the post is made there, digit number 3 is part of the title. Link Url posts containing digit numbers or punctuation marks are considered not SEO friendly. Therefore the link should be refined to be like the following to meet the SEO Friendly Link requirements:

Use the Special permanent link sub-menu option, then re-type the link by taking multiple word combinations from the post title, between words or sentences separated by the inline punctuation (-) and use lowercase letters only do not capitalized.

Notice the sample screenshot of the following post link:

Appears at the end of the post URL ending with underscore (_) and digit number (20) punctuation. The Url of a post like this isn't SEO Friendly doesn't even explain or represent the content of the post. Then it should be changed so that SEO Friendly becomes like this:

For an already published post, the trick is to return the post to the draft first, then re-edit it.

Fix a URL that is not SEO Friendly via a sub-menu of special Permanent link Enter settings. Manually enter the replacement Url of each word separated by a strip read (-) The short URL is solid and clear and not too long.

Use the dedicated permanent sub-menu to manually create links, use a few word combinations (sentence pieces) from the post title. Try it short, solid and precise does not need to be written overall because the links are too long also not SEO Friendly.

The third one is to provide a description of post search, it is very important to give a brief description of the Post's content in search results. The description will be displayed just below the link, so the prospective visitor's blog will know the content of the post through the search description snippet. With a clear and compelling description will automatically rate your post plus the user will be interested in reading it in its entirety.

Search descriptions can be fetched from a paragraph snippet representing the contents of the Post's core. It can also use sentences that are not in the post paragraphs but must be interconnected. Use a short, solid and precise description but don't get too short and don't be too long because not all words from the description are displayed in search results. Try to make the estimates of the descriptions you create can appear without the truncated sentences in search results.

Once to 3 important points above is fulfilled then publish new of Potingan you, do not forget to submit Urul posts that have been created in the Google Webmaster tools and other webmaster tools such as Bing and Yandex to make your post later Easier to find by prospective visitor. For a way submit post URL for those of you who do not understand please   see the following tutorial:
  1. Tutorial How to Submit posts to Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Tutorial How to Submit posts to Bing Webmaster Tools
  3. Tutorial How to Submit posts to Yandex Webmaster Tools
Hopefully what the Admin explained above is easy to understand and useful for those of you who read this post, if there are less obvious please ask via menu Comentar.
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