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A blog is one of the many social media that exist today, but not many people use it especially the society of the age of students who are still public. Most are more likely to use social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and others that are merely entertainment.

is different from blogs other than as social media to interact with the public, the blog also serves as a media learning and sharing of science. Actually, the media like this should also be learned by students who are still in the education process. With blogs, we can broaden knowledge and share knowledge between bloggers. Blogs can also be used as a revenue-earning ride, although for this point it is very difficult in addition to the terms and conditions of the blog that meet AdSense standards starting in 2019 this tightened revenue Klick ads for national areas Indonesia is very small.

According to the title above CAN, ALL HAVE BLOGS  on this post the Admin will share a tutorial on how you currently not understand what is a BLOG? Do not yet have a blogger account and feel interested to start learning Being a blogger can easily learn together creating and building a blog as a learning media and sharing knowledge.

Understanding Blog A blog is a website that contains personal content in the form of articles, videos, photos, and links to other websites provided by blog authors Blog can also be defined as a website that is managed by several authors and contains personal experiences, Observations, and opinions of authors. Often blogs are equipped with pictures or links to other websites. It can be concluded that Blog is one type of website whose content contains the thought of one or several authors and has a chronological order of posts (from the latest content to the oldest content). Taken from

The first step you should start is to have a Google Account. For this point, Admin taste, for now, this almost everyone Android mobile users already have a Google Account.

The second step is to create a Blog through Website and for this point is free without being charged a member account by using your existing Google account or you can create a new Google account specifically for Start a blog creation.

For tutorials How to create a Blog on Blogger, you can listen to Tutorial How to create a Blog on Blogspot

The third step is to set the Blog view by changing the theme or blog template to make the display more interesting if you prefer the default theme of Google skips this point. For a tutorial How to change the blog theme please read Tutorial How to change the theme or Blog Template default Blogspot.

Step four is to learn how to write or blog post to be published, for the tutorial you can read Tutorial on how to make a blog post on Blogspot easily.

The fifth step is to learn to Submit blog and blog posts to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Yandex so that the Blog and the content of the posts are index fast and discoverable by users in search results. Any meaning that you write will be found by others according to the search keyword they use. For a tutorial on how to submit a blog to a search engine or better known with Webmastertools see the following tutorial:

- Tutorial How to register a blog to Google Webmaster Tools
- Tutorial How to register a Blog to Bing Webmaster Tools
- Tutorial How to register a Blog to Yandex Webmaster Tools

- Tutorial How to Submit Blog Posts to Google Webmaster Tools
- Tutorial How to Submit Blog posts to Bing Webmaster Tools
- Tutorial How to Submit Blog posts to Yandex Webmaster Tools

The sixth step is to register the Blog to Google Analytic, the Funsinnya is to know the traffic and travel refugee blog in terms of the content of the post, region or country of origin of visitors, as well as the device that visitors use to access the Blog e.g. mobile Android or Windows-base computer and Laptop users. For the tutorial please read Tutorial how to register and install Google Analytics code on Blogspot.

The sixth step above is a basic step in making a blog on Blogspot, there are still many more things you should learn to build a blog that can compete in Google search results. To make the blog and the content you have created and published are known by Net Citizen aka Internet users. You can learn more about how to explore tutorials good and true blog and right target so that in the future your blog will be crowded Pengungjung because it meets the terms of the SEO Friendly Blog.

Please visit share Online Tutorial to read a discussion on managing a blog from replacing the TLD domain, registering a blog to Google AdSense, placing Google AdSense ads, optimizing post content writing methods, Add and subtract Template widgets, Theme Editing, and much more.

The key to the success of a blogger is cultivating a sense of immense ignorance, diligent learning, not easy to give up, and always consistent with the targets to be achieved because the results will not lie the hard-earned crap you are working for.
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