Basic Concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO? 
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a collection of ways done to manipulate/increase the ranking of a website on Search engines like Google.

Important factors in SEO
There are a lot of factors that determine the position or rank of a website. But it actually seems to me, these factors can be grouped into two: On-Page and Off-Page. The terms On-Page and Off-Page SEO may have often been heard of. Here I want to discuss at a glance about both factors.

On-Page SEO
The On-Page SEO factor consists of all the activities carried out on a website, intending to raise the rankings on search Engines. Broadly, the good implementation of On-Page SEO will facilitate search engines to find relevant and quality content, hereinafter given to users who are looking for related keywords.

Some things to note in On-Page SEO are:

Content from the Website
Good content is not only intended to follow the guidelines and read by search engines. When creating content, we have to think about the readers. The more you get, the content that will win a high position/rank.

I personally see a lot of content with the keyword stuffing and the URL that is filled in the unnecessary keywords and make it not good to read. Although some of these content can rise to a high position, try asking yourself some of these things:
  1. Is such content sought by readers? 
  2. Do such content add value and answer readers ' questions? 
  3. Will the created content have a good impact on the long-term strategy you have made?
Keep in mind that the main purpose of search engines is to provide quality and relevant content to the users who seek it.

The correct URL structure
The URL structure should be made clearly and correctly, especially in terms of categories and their hierarchies.

Accessible to bots/crawlers
Websites that can not be accessed bot/crawler automatically will not be seen and got a high position

Other factors
There are still many other factors, such as the use of DNS, website speed, meta tags, sitemap, etc. which should also be considered in the On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO
All activities conducted off-site to influence rankings on search engines to fall on this category. Some things to note include:

Get a qualified backlink maybe you guys are tired of hearing this term, but broadly, quality backlinks are those that have high DA and industry/niche relevant.

Black Hat Techniques Difficulty getting a quality backlink makes the SEO practitioners use all means to get it. Everything that is done to manipulate the rankings on search engines, which violate their rules into this category.

Other factors
Some other factors are social media marketing, guest blogging, branded keyword, no follow & DoFollow links and others should also be considered when running Off-Page SEO.
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