Is it a Zombie Blog and how to get it?

What is a Zombie blog? This term may not be familiar in the ears of some who are still laymen in the world of bloggers. However, not a few also start looking around understanding, benefits, advantages, how to use it up to how to get it. Zombie Blog will probably keep you interested because it can be utilized for free.

Other questions often asked by most people are from how do I find a good Zombie blog? How do I check the zombie blog quality? Or where can I get a quality Zombie blog? Well, in fact, these questions will be discussed in a complete and detailed discussion this time.

Overall at the following discussion, we'll find out how Zombie blogs have the influence and attachment of backlinks and Adsense. Then, Sobat also wants to know about the tutorials looking for, getting and activating the Zombie blog either manually. Before you go too far to get a party that sells Zombie blogs, notice how this description can help you.

What is a Zombie Blog?

By definition, the Zombie Blog is a blog designed and created using a free blog platform. Both are originally from, Tumblr'com, and others – others. This blog was previously disabled and deleted, but when we re-enroll the blog This is called Zombie Blog. It can be said this blog is reactivated.

To understand it more, it can be conditioned like this, for example, someone who has created a website with a website addressed at Well, after that because there may be a certain reason, this blog is deleted. At the following time, we re-register the website address. Automatically this is what is meant by the Zombie Blog.

From his name, maybe you can already understand and understand? Just name it Zombie. As we know the zombies themselves in the films are the humans who are dead than live again. So, it could be suitable to describe the condition of the blog or the Web.

Maybe next you ask why a blog can be deleted or disabled? There are several factors and specific reasons for it. Deletion is not without reason, it can be from the factor of the blog users who are bored and do not want to delete it or can also because it is deleted by the blog service.

What distinguishes the use of ordinary blogs with Zombie blogs?

Usually, people who are just interested in Zombie blogs will ask about this. For example, are there certain disadvantages of using a Zombie blog compared to the regular Blog? Is there a feature that can't be utilized on the Zombie Blog? Or does the quality of a Zombie blog get decreased compared to regular blogs?

Well, in fact, because the Zombie blog is a blog that has been previously listed. So, there are some advantages that you can find. What is it? Some of them are as follows:
  1. Already have a good blog address
  2. Already have a Backlink
  3. Already have a Pagerank
  4. Already have a visitor
  5. And so forth
So, even if it has been deleted, if you manage to revive it again then, you do not have to struggle to find a visitor, PageRank, backlink from scratch. This is also the reason why most people want to find a Zombie blog than have to create a blog. Blog performance will also be the same depending on how you manage the blog.

How do I get this Zombie blog?

After knowing what is a Zombie Blog? Then what's the difference with a regular blog? What are the benefits gained from utilizing it? Now the most important and never missed concern is how do I get and use it? Before choosing to use the Zombie Blog, you will be confronted with several options as follows:
  • Zombie Blog as the main Blog
  • Blog Zombie as a dummy blog or blog networks
  • Blog Zombie to earn a little money just by selling it
What do these three choices mean? Let's find out more about the following descriptions:

1. Zombie Blog as the main Blog

Making a blog Zombie as the main blog is an interesting choice for you. However, it is worth noting to not recklessly register the Zombie blog. What do you need to note?

Search the Zombie Blog according to the topics you want to discuss

The harmony between the Blog name and its content can be one of the factors a blog can succeed. Begitupula with Zombie blog. The Blog you want to choose should have a name or address that corresponds to the discussion that you want to update.

Finding a well-optimized Zombie Blog

How do I see a well-optimized Zombie Blog? There are several ways you should look around choosing a good zombie blog. Note the characteristics below:
  • Having a Pagerank is getting higher than getting better
  • Having backlinks more and more are getting better
  • Alex is getting lower ranking than the better
  • Have the page Authority increasingly higher than the better
  • And so forth...
Search for blogs that do not include the former blog despised or spam

One other thing that matters most, you have to know the history of the Zombie Blog. Is the blog known as a dedicated blog or spam? Did you know? Many Zombie blogs have a bad history like the former blog spam, Nyebarin malware, gossip, hate speech, inappropriate content, etc.

For that, make sure that you'll get the blog right – really healthy. How to know the healthy blog?

The first way is to visit one of the sites at https: the archive ' org/web/. On the site, my friend can see the results of the Zombie blog in the past. By checking it you will know how the zombie blog condition in the past.

The second way, you can also check with the help of anchor text of the backlinks that the zombie blog has. Try to check at https: the ' COM here will look to see if the blog contains unnatural words and others. If the blog is healthy, it will have anchor text that is dominated by the domain name and varies.

2. Zombie Blog as a dummy blog or blog networks

Blog Dummy or networks is a term that is usually used to show that the blog is different from the main blog. Instead just as a support blog only. The supporters in question are just as a booster for the main blog in terms of SEO.

How? Quite easy, because you here already have a quality Zombie blog then buddy lives fill little by little content and give a link as a bridge to visit the main blog.

3. Sell Zombie Blog

From period to period enthusiasts to Blog Zombie are constantly growing and more and more. How not? Utilizing a Zombie blog can be interesting and no less good choice to achieve more profits. Selling Zombie blogs is one of those opportunities that many people use.

Therefore, if you intend to be the person or the seller of the zombie blog then, of course, the competition will be quite a lot. Apart from that, to get a zombie blog also tends to start difficult. Some of the services of Zombie blog sellers are even expected to have a powerful trick to search for Zombie blogs so that they are not Complicated.
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