5 Important Things to Note in Good Article Writing

Articles or content are the essence and spirit of a website or blog. As important as any information you want to convey through your blog, without the writing of a good article, the information will not be conveyed properly. Therefore in writing articles note some of the following important things.

1. Consider content for humans or machines

The content provided to search engines like Google and Bing as well as other ordinary more concerned about the companionship of keywords as much as possible. It makes content on different blogs feel awkward if read. In contrast, human-destined articles will be more comfortable to read and understand.

Well, the middle road should be an article capable of accommodating the demands of both parties above. Surely it could be the origin with extensive practice and experience. Articles that flow like chatting with visitors but insert the appropriate keywords to simplify the search engine Terindex articles.

2. Informative, not just scatter

Before writing articles should also pay attention to the validity and information of the original reference. Do not get stuck on fake info aka hoax. The authors of blogs are usually easily stuck info like this if related health. The benefits of a natural ingredient are explained but do not refer to a credible health site from anywhere. So consider the information right or not.

3. Consistent writing on how to demonstrate your own quality

For blog owners or websites that take care of their own content, you will be solely responsible for the information you contain. Therefore, writing articles must be consistent in the selection of writing styles. This is closely related to the personal qualities that are reflected in your writing.

4. Note the correct writing/spelling

Yes, a good article especially those who use Bahasa Indonesia should pay attention to the correct spelling. Good Indonesian language in writing. This is often overlooked because it is often not considered important for most articles. But it is very important to preserve the writing of Bahasa Indonesia. If not we are keeping the language ourselves, then who?

5. Proper insertion of Internal links

Once the content or article meets the above 4, then the live posting is appropriate to the rules of SEO. One of the placements of internal/internal link links to similar articles, the homepage, and its category.

Well, if the article on your blog has fulfilled 5 points above then both visitors and search engines will certainly assess your blog as a quality blog. Consider also the possibility of using quality article writing services to help you maintain your blog. Especially for those of you who have more than five blogs or websites, it is worth considering using article writing services. Well, the one we recommend is a service from your content site.
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