How to Upgrade Domain Authority Easily and Quickly

Domain Authority is a way of how Google or other search engines give rankings to blogs or the web you have. Several aspects make your DA high from the age of the domain to some other aspect. Here are a few things you can do to increase your web Domain Authority.

1. Completing a Blog with a variety of quality articles

There is a saying that Content is the king. This makes the articles that you create will affect the readers who make the better the article and the more qualified your web. The quality articles do not mean too long but provide articles that have a minimum word length of 500 words so that your blog impresses professionally.

Also use the original article is not a copy-paste of the various web. Google currently has the latest algorithms that make the article Copas will not be in the index in Google. You can get a variety of articles from the existing author's services or can write your own work. Depending on the time you have.

2. Using Social Media

Today, the average person in the world has social media, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, and various other social media. It will be useful if you use your social media wisely. Use your social media to send your web posts or share them. That way you'll get a good visitor from your friend or your family connected to you on social media.

Use wisely this way. Definitely, have to be coupled with posting various articles that have good quality because your good name is at stake here. Social Media here like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google +, Twitter and BBM. In one day don't have too many promotions or posts because you don't get your link at the thought of spam that resulted in you no longer a promotion.

3. Manage existing links and posts

Manage your various posts. Delete some posts that if you did a Copas from another web. This will make your blog have an original article that will make you a pure blog. Then is the Manage link that is on your web. Don't let you save spam or other links that will make your Web view become Unkaruan or lower your web credibility.

For example, you have to do a regular check to find out the link out of your dead blog. In addition to a healthy blog, your blog's performance will be increased if no link is broken. To fix it or to as dead links can follow the article I created this: how to check the Blog link already inactive, Broken link or dead URL.

4. Has many friends and relationships

This is an effective way of having many friends and relationships especially friends who also have an interest in the blog world will make you have friends who can give backlinks for free. This Backlink will give your web a much better ranking than ever.

The more backlinks you'll get with a variety of ease. This will make your web better than ever. Visiting other people's blogs is also well-known. Do good communication, If necessary mutually promote inter-blog to mutual benefit.

5. Improve the SEO that makes your article One Page.

Many articles in the Internet world discuss how to improve SEO, learn how – that way and apply it on your web. The way it is from associating your keywords in a URL using LSI keyword to use external links. If you are a beginner you must be confused about SEO but the longer you play the Blog will understand more.

SEO here is the quality of articles that we create such as between paragraphs that one with another should be different discussion to complement each other. Get a lot of vocabulary and discuss a single article until it is finished and long so that visitors feel satisfied with the old one on your blog. Use easy-to-understand language and don't rush to finish writing.

These are some of the ways you can implement to improve your web's DA (Domain Authority). The keyway above is to always strive to keep learning. When you're always learning it will come up with new ways that will get you better trained and better than ever. Continue to passion in the blogging world and always spirit in the Practice. Do not forget to always pray and ask the one true God.
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