How to Rewrite Good and True Articles for Blogs

Rewrite is an English word that means writing back. In the world of Blogger, this word is no stranger anymore because it is widely used. For beginners who plunge into the blogging world certainly trouble to do Rewrite the article. Besides having to understand SEO in writing also we have to understand the content of the article.

Most blog authors do Rewrite Other people's articles the wrong way. By doing so it can be possible that the articles we publish will be difficult to compete on the Google homepage. What's more, if we rely solely on a tool to detect whether the sentence is plagiarism or original.

It is certainly the authors of blogs if you know that it is his own writing then it is not necessary to check back. Different if you copied past articles in the edit in such a way as to look original.

Here I will share a little Tips on how to do articles Rewrite correctly and well. This also does not harm the original owner so you can already appreciate the work of others. What's more, if you are willing please provide a source link so that it is not in the stand by the blog owner.

How to Rewrite good and true articles for blogs

1. Search for articles on the Google homepage

For those of you who have got the idea of writing and already made the title but Bacae write content then please search first on Google. Open about two to three blogs that are perched in the first order down. Read and understand each sentence so that when writing later you can develop it yourself.

From these three sites, select the most complete, if the content is different then learn the whole so that you are richer in writing thinking. If all three sites are not satisfied with the contents, then you can try to read some sites in the next order. Find the content is different and if it finds the same just close one of them.

2. Subscribe with a trusted site

Many bloggers subscribe to articles presented by Blogger SEO Knowledge. They make writing in their own language style but the content of the article takes away from this blog. No wonder if there is an article that mentions with the sentence  "based on the writing from the blog Mastimon, here are the Tips and how to ".

Subscribing to a site is not wrong in my opinion but your idea's wealth will not evolve any more such blogs do not update the article. The advice I subscribe can be but still creative by looking for a title idea by yourself and doing a Google article search as in the first bullet.

3. The first paragraph (introduction)

If you've read some articles belonging to someone else there would have been no shadows would not write what. To Laimat in the first paragraph please write the sentence using a bouquet that remains in touch with the title. Display widely what you know after reading earlier.

In this introductory sentence do not once do Copy Paste because Google can read what you do. Try to write in Word yourself, don't be afraid to be wrong because if you often do this then it will be accustomed. The second and third paragraphs if still surrounding the introduction are also the same. Develop the sentence but keep in touch with the article title.

4. Article content

On the content of the article we write do not get wrong. Moreover the article about Tutoriginalal. Please read one other person's article and write it back with a different sentence. In order not to look exactly the same you can sort by reversed. You can also choose the point that is in the first quarter of the other points.

To be more complete read more articles and add to your writing. My suggestion do not once to copy and then re-edit because it will make your lazy sense arise. Here I love the recommendation rewrite so that our fingers will get used to typing and our brains will think. That way for the next article you will smoothly write.

5. The cover

For closing sentences, I usually create two or three paragraphs. In the closing sentence also do not do copies. If you already understand the article content then to make the article cover is very easy. Create a closing sentence with a word that relates back to the article title.

If you are confused about making a closing sentence then it can try to read some of my articles. There is clearly a sentence that is not much different because the closing sentence is usually the phrase as a thank you have visited and please give a complaint in the comments field.

How easy is it to open a Rewrite article for our Blog/WEB. If you are accustomed to writing yourself it will be quite easy to develop words and sentences. Instead, if you are used to doing a Copy Paste then your thought to write will not evolve. Worse yet, you won't be able to write even if it's just one sentence.

I used to be hard to write because of the back that I type too. Trying to read and understand the content of the writing people finally I can develop myself. When you master one article about Android then when writing articles about the next Android will be easy. You already have a lot of vocabulary in mind.
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