How to Optimize SEO Website to get Google Search Rankings

Blogger SEO Knowledge tries a little bit about how SEO websites can rank on Google. Read until completion yes related SEO Website optimizing using Blog to occupy No. 1 position in Google

Build a Blog for your Website

You want to create a successful website? Building a blog on the website needs to also be considered to increase visitor confidence and provide credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Visitors could not find the product or service he was looking for. But it can be when reading the content that is in your blog, find other information that is needed. The keyword is "INFORMATION" so that inside it will grow the trust that your website deserves to be referenced.

Do you want your website to fulfill your goals? Then you shouldn't override the blog because the blog is one of the important elements. Then how to make a blog liked by search engines?

How to SEO Website using blogs

1. Specify a blog theme or topic 
Before the blog, we create, make the main topic that we will Carry, because later will become the title of the blog which is then described as a description of the blog. Surely this topic is also relevant to our website as a whole.

2. Keyword/keyword research (KW)
Do this first when you want to write a blog, then it's good not to want to pursue keywords that have big potential traffic. Start with the small potential, which is important we must understand the principle of its work. If it can appear in the search results with a lightweight keyword, then we increase it by using a heavily rival keyword. The important principle can appear in the search results first, use a lightweight keyword is not a problem.

3. Post relevant and qualified.
Create unique and useful content, but don't get out of the main topic of the blog. Then create links between pages, so between pages promotes each other. If a lot of pages are read visitors then the blog is considered quality.

4. Prepare for SEO ONPAGE
such as optimizing the use of keywords in section Meta Title, Meta description, etc., according to keyword analysis.

5. Indexing 
While waiting for your post to come on Google, you can share to social media so that it's faster to index by Google.

For example can use backlink pattern Ajax, backlink wheel/pyramid, submit to social bookmark, etc.

In my opinion, the above steps are the essence of basic SEO efforts. Not so difficult, even for beginners.

The rather heavy is the issue of article writing that is interesting and sells, as well as GOOGLE FRIENDLY to be easily found by GOOGLE. Because after all, building a blog requires a strong determination to write.

Then, where do I start? Well, once you've read the reviews above, now it's all back to you. If you want to learn by yourself, you can learn to apply 6 basic SEO steps above in order and practice, practice, practice. Start by creating relevant posts and often practicing researching keywords. Because this is important to do.
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