How to Learn Write on BLOG for Beginner Bloggers

Learning to write is a fun thing, moreover, it can make money from a blog. This article is again about Blogger, which is not a foreign thing at this time.

Many authors of new writers to succeed in the world of bloggers. Their main goal is indeed Google Adsense but sometimes many ignore tricks and how to get it. Some are already on the Google Adsense accept but complained the income did not succeed.

Many factors to be able to write on the Blog well can even compete on the Google homepage. One of the main factors is the Blog age itself, other than that the quality of the content presented also affects the reader's interest.

Learn to write on Blogger

For how to operate Blogger surely we must learn to master Dashboard Blogger first. The look is not much different from Ms. Word either typing or function in the top menu.

Before starting to write, we certainly prepare the right combat tool. Prepare your computer or Laptop with enough speed so that while writing the computer loading does not interfere. Enough Internet network so when writing articles is not lost and can be saved automatically to Draft.

Writing can use the Smartphone or IPAD that we have but the result is less maximum. We can not freely edit the article especially add internal links. My advice if you want to go to Blogger buy it Laptop or Notebook.

If the combat tool is ready then there are some tips before writing the article. Please friend watch some of these points so that in article writing can produce something good.

1. Keyword Research

To do Keyword research we need to help a specific tool or a site. We can use paid or free. One free tool that I often use is Ubersuggest. Choose keywords that are less competitive and have a great search Volume.

2. Making the right title

The title of the article greatly affects the number of visitors who come to our Blog from Search engines. Use the right headline and don't try to create a title that doesn't match the article's content.

3. Create an article outline

To simplify the process of writing articles we need to create an article outline first. Its function is so that in article writing we can adjust the discussion of each paragraph. In addition to the existence of the framework of the article then we easily make a sentence each of its points.

4. Write an article mastered

When we master a certain material that we will create, then we are in the frame of a sentence. Do not try to write a story that we do not really know even compose without any experience we have ever done. If it happens then our Blog can be left by the reader.

5. Find the right MOD or timing

The exact writing time is in the morning or at night at 20.00. Use the MOD or the atmosphere of delight so that in writing there is no burden we Pikul. The location where the writing also affects so choose a quiet and quiet place.

7 Mistakes of beginner bloggers

Well if you understand the Tips before writing above then we find the kind of material that can be made writing. There are many examples that can be used as a reference in writing especially buddy that often loses the idea of not even able to write.

1. Writing poetry, Pantun, and short story

Don't tell poetry or Pantun content a little interest in Google's homepage. We can see keyword search on Google to reach millions of searches. If a friend likes to make poetry or short story, then continue because there are certainly many who like to read it.

2. Writing about Job activities

Writing about the work we do is certainly very easy because we are mastered. One example if we work in Mobile Store (HP) Pasinks We know the type and price. Create that content because it is not denied before buying an Android HP people must first search on Google about its price and specifications.

3. Write about personal experience

Well, make a buddy who likes to a walkway to a place of tourism can use the opportunity to make his article. We can review the place from price, route up to whatever facilities are getting. Buddy can also make an article about the experience of making a Motor SIM or experience creating an account in the Bank.

4. Write about the SKILLS you have

Not many people have many skills. Make a friend who has a certain skill than can be tried in the case of writing. One example we can operate Corel Draw or PhotoShop. Well, that's where our opportunity makes the tutorial. But this way is a bit difficult because we have to prepare a lot of picture tutorials.

5. Rewrite Other Blog articles

For the already professional in writing articles on blogs, of course, doing an article, Rewrite is very easy to do. For a friend who is still beginner needs to be done repeatedly in order to smoothly in writing. Do not do Copas Edit or Spin articles because it is detrimental to the original author.

It's easy enough not to learn to become Blogger writers. If a buddy likes to read even fabricated something the story is definitely the right job. Even if it continues to be done we can smoothly and easily be stringing a sentence in the article.

Hopefully, this explanation is useful to mate all in managing a Blog. Focus and continue because there is a result we get if we continue to pray and strive.
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