How to Install Latest Page Level Ads Through Auto Ads

Before there is the Auto Ads menu on the Adsense dashboard there is a special Page Level Ads ad menu showing on smartphones (Android phones). Some ask how to show the Mobile ad that appears below or above the HP screen. The ad remained silent even though we were reading the article. Also, when you click on one of the other articles, you will be shown an ad full mobile screen with the close ad button.

If you used to display the Mobile version of Page-Level ads AD There is no need to set settings or the selection of the ad types to display. Different from Auto Ads ad units where you have to choose which types of ads to show so that your ads can show well.

Several sites advise enabling Adsense ads Auto Ads to increase earnings. Different to me because these types of ads if not set up will appear just like that. The result sometimes our writing in the article becomes messy. If manually placing an ad is neater and we can place the expected position.

The ads contained in this Auto Ads consist of:
  1. Text Responsive ads & Display Ads 
  2. In-Feed Ads ads 
  3. In-Article Ads ads 
  4. Matched Content ad Anchor Ads (mobile only) 
  5. Vignette Ads Ads (mobile only) 
Description: Page Level Ads ads We only need to enable Anchor ads and Vignette Ads

How to install the latest Page Level Ads 2019 ads through Auto Ads
  1. Please go to the Adsense dashboard and select My Ads > > Auto Ads > > before retrieving the ad code you should select what type of ad appears by clicking on the Pencil drawing.
  2. Select the two most bottom Overlay ads ad types that are turned on. For the 4 ads above just shut down because the ads are good, we install manually.
  3. If you have please click SAVE and to get the ad code please go back and see in the upper right corner (SET UP AUTO ADS). Click and get the code.
  4. Install the ad code by logging into the Dashboard Blogger > > Theme > > Edit HTML and search for code
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