How to Create Quality Content and Facts about SEO

This time we'll talk about how to create quality content and how the SEO world is constantly changing. We will also learn to change your website to create a better user experience.

The big theme in this post is about the user experience that is your website reader. However, that's not all. We will also discuss some facts about SEO. Well, it's been too long SEO is often regarded as a way of manipulating search engines. Though as we know, the website itself is already experiencing development. At the same time, people's expectations of the search engine were developed. They, the users, start expecting accurate results when searching the Internet.

So, what is quality content like? Here points:

Unique content

Be aware or not, when a person performs a search, there is actually a particular motivation or intent behind it. So it is our duty to fulfill their needs. We have to create unique content, different content from around the web that exists in the world.

Creating unique content isn't as easy as retrieving information from other sites or from Wikipedia and writing it down. Search engines have been so fast and intelligent. Content that is imitated from other sites will only be regarded as excerpts from the original page. Have you ever realized why lately Wikipedia often appears on the first page of search results? That's because the sheer amount of content taken away from Wikipedia makes Google think that Wikipedialah has authority over its original content and deserves to be on the first page of search.

This is often a challenge for us when creating truly unique content: simple and better content from the one on Wikipedia.

A "clean" website

Today, SEO demands us to think more advanced. We cannot simply take or replicate content from others. That's why our content should be clean from any form of plagiarisation or too much duplication. In addition to the content, we also have to re-check each code, HTML/CMS, and tags on the website correctly. We have to find the hallmark of our content, products, and business to be truly unique.

Search engines are already billions of times fighting all nonsense about tricks and tactics. Clearly, they are increasingly intelligent and will be wiser in the years to come. So, it's our job to work with them by creating quality, clean content, and user-friendly websites.

Easy to use/User-Friendly

Our website must be accessible to the reader at any time, anywhere, and in any way. If we want our business or website to captivate our readers, then we should point out that we are the best. We can fulfill all of their expectations by creating quality, unique and original content. Because SEO considers a wide range of assessments, it means that the unique content can be text, images, videos, or content on social media.

Lure readers

To be able to captivate your readers, create content that keeps readers engaged, making them feel part of the content we write. There is no such thing as the name, "Hey, we are the best. So, please fill out the contact form and we'll have you covered. "

The Internet has become a sort of necessity for both mankind. Internet users have been smarter and memorized correctly with old techniques. People expect the best answers from Google search. That's why Google strives to give you the best answers in every search.

Hard work

As you read this, creating unique content and SEO does sound simple. However, in practice, it still requires hard work. That's what causes people to be away from SEO and prefer to use other people's services to deal with SEO.

Do It Right

Dealing with search engine algorithms is hard work. Finding the latest tricks and tactics is a harder job anymore.

But don't first get discouraged, if we do this right from the beginning, we don't have to do much improvement. Or if we have made repairs, start again correctly.


When building a page or website, or when developing an existing site, make it possible. The same is true for content and other things beyond that.

Just think about what if someone (or the search engine) finds your website changed drastically from before. Suddenly, your once-ordinary website has a lot of content, videos, and magically has hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on social media.

Chances are, people (or search engines) will feel surprised. Your website changes that seem unnatural it will cause them to not believe anymore and hoist the "red flag".  It's not impossible that they will no longer visit your website.

Systematic and organized

To look natural, do things systematically and organized. By this way, readers and search engines will assume that your website is operated by a real person and performs a corrective SEO technique, rather than operated by a robot or machine.

As a result, your website will gain trust from the reader and be rewarded with a better ranking by search engines.

Don't believe the myth

We are confident that you have already heard and read thousands of things about SEO. SEO can not be done or repaired in just one night. No one person or agency out there can simply swing the stick and handle all of Google's problems and search engines in the blink of an eye. In fact, the most skilled people in the SEO field should also do the same and gradual techniques regarding SEO and content.

Do not be willing to be compromised by those who say that they can are able to make your website on the first page of the search engine in a short time. Also, don't believe those who say are able to create privileged content that can't be made by others.

Do it by Yourself

SEO is not just about the method to put your website on the first page of the search. SEO is an adventure. SEO is an art and science. Now, SEO is even arguably the science of psychology. That's why we suggest that you do this "adventure" yourself, not just hand it over to someone else.

Yes, it's you who determines the "Destiny" of your website in the online world, but don't forget to keep up with the rules. The rules we discussed earlier, about quality content, about user-friendly, etc., have actually never changed since long ago. When you decide to accelerate SEO with unnatural techniques, your website will bear its consequences. Conversely, if you keep abreast of the rules and focus on the ease of user or reader, then the website you manage will get a matching reward.
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