How to Choose a Good Premium Blogger Template

The Premium Blogger Template created by the master design today has a lot of options ranging from display to other facilities. Not a few of the publisher bloggers are just busy editing templates rather than creating quality content. The selection of the right blog Theme, it will affect the success of brother.

Not only a question of the appearance of an interesting blog but the page speed or the loading speed of the blog also greatly affects. Also, several other factors affect the power of articles on the Google homepage. Note that if you make the original article can not compete in Google but the selection of templates also has an important role.

Each Premium blogger template has its own strengths and strengths. Some have an attractive look and are nice to see and some have a magic SEO Template quality. Both factors will have to go hand-in so that your blog is easy to get a visitor. Besides, visitors can feel a long time though just look at the look of our blog.

In the following, I share to choose a theme so that it is not wrong to choose because if you like to replace Blog theme then I believe you will not feel the progress. That there are more visitor days will be increasingly exhausted and disappear.

Tips and how to choose a good Premium Blogger Template

1. Support Google AMP

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a template that prioritizes the loading speed of blogs while in access through a Smartphone or computer. Before using it you need to understand the basic percentage using the AMP Template. If not yet understand I suggest you use a Non-AMP Template only like this blog Template that I use is still HTML 5.

2. Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, more site visitors are using HP Android than computer devices. Almost 90% of visitor blogs come from Android devices. With you using the Mobile-Friendly Template then your articles will be easily competitive on the Google homepage for the Mobile version.

3. Responsive

The blog view for the Desktop version and Mobile version should keep you on track so there's no mistake. Note the Mobile version settings that we sometimes don't detail in detail. Keep all your blog posts or banners easy to see and don't overlap. Note also article writing should be maximally on left and right. A good Template is still good to see with any device including an iPad.

4. No built-in AD script

All good Premium Blogger templates must have no ads embedded in the Template. If there is a need you suspect that the theme has been modified by others. If you still like it can remove any adscript that is still sticking. Clean from any built-in links that interfere with the blog's link maker Template.

5. Fast and Lightweight blog Loading

Many of the factors that influence the Pagespeed blog to be a weight ranging from Banner ads to a specific script code Widget. Choose a trusted and lightweight template, if you need to try first before buying it. Loading a good blog is above 80% if many use Adsense ads and above 90% if not using ads or banners.

6. Clear Navigation

Choose a Blog template that has clear navigation such as a menu, recent post, Popular Post, Widget Related Post and Search Box (search box)... Whether the display of some of the above facilities is appropriate and interesting if less attractive do not be forced to use it if you do not too disappointed with other templates.

7. Complete supporting features

Supporting features on Blogger templates should keep you noticed one by one. Check and make sure all these features exist like the Sticky menu, Sticky widget/Sidebar, 3-tab Comment, 3-tab post navigation, Share button, Back to top button and others. To view it in the maximum you should check how it looks both Mobile and Desktop versions.

8. Be true to predefined templates

Many people like to use templates that have already been used then consequently affects a lot of blog performance. Besides you have to bother by re-editing the template, it also affects Google's trust in your site. I never update the Template until now because I do not lose the visitor who has come.

Choosing the right Premium Blogger Template will affect the performance of your blog. Pay attention to all the facilities given from the view to the widget provided. Set one template for you to use forever and to change the look of just changing the color of the blog. Keep track of blog views on the Mobile and Desktop versions so there's no mistake to get your visitors to the end.
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