How to Check Rank Alexa Blog Free and Tips Streamline it

Rank Alexa is a site that shows how big a blog ranks both globally and locally. Actually every time I make a status on Facebook about the Alexa Rank there is always an ask how to check it. They think paid but this I check with free without any cost.

To see the rankings of a blog on Alexa suffice easily origin doesn't misenter the site link. By looking at the Rank of our Alexa Blog/WEB or the property of others it can easily see the keywords or keyword articles that are popular in the Blog. No wonder if sometimes this way could bring up an idea of writing.

In addition, we can also check our blog Backlink scattered on other people's sites and there is info on what sites are becoming competitors to our blog. By knowing the ranking of our Alexa Rank blog then it can be known how strong each of our articles to be able to compete on Google homepage. Well here also I will share simple tips to streamline it.

How to check Rank ALEXA Blog for free
  1. Please log in to Alexa Info, enter your blog name and click Find.
  2. Please see your blog rankings both globally and locally.
  3. Check which countries are visitors to your blog.
  4. Popular keyword/keyword check
Tips to streamline your Alexa Rank easily

It is not difficult to climb in the Alexa Rank because as time passes if your blog is good in the eyes of Google it will go up by itself. For a new blog that is still about a month or two sometimes Rank Alexa hasn't yet displayed many more visits from social media Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Rank Alexa will easily climb when you regularly update the original article and generate a visitor from Google. The more the visitor comes from Google then the better. It is necessary to be at Alexa ranking also depends on the number of articles on the first page of Google. Not that one article has no effect but if more then the Alexa Rank will quickly rise.

Choose the type of article with lots of searches but little competition. You can also choose the type of article medium or small search but no competition.

That's how to view our blog's Alexa Rank easily and free of charge. Use a keyword in google that is "Alexa Info " To get the link of the site. Don't be surprised if some large sites are easy on the first page of Google.
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