How to Bypass FRP Lock Google Account Samsung J2 Core SM-J260G DS

In the previous post, I have discussed how to flash Android Samsung J2 Core with Model number SM-J260G DS. Then this post I will share a tutorial on how to bypass or unlock patterns and Locked FRP Samsung J2 Core After doing a hard reset via the key combination.

Any Samsung mobile phone with an OS 5 to the top which is reset by force (hard reset) will automatically lock FRP Google Account, and to type Samsung's latest output plus locked pattern. It should be if you want to do a hard reset must first enable OEM Unlock through developer options so that later when reset handphone does not locks FRP Google Account.

In Samsung J2 Core conditions Enter the new device setup mode first page, open the Samsung app Samsung FRP TOOL. If you do not already have this app can download it in a genetically on ByPass FRP Footer menu.

Connect Samsung J2 Core with a computer using USB, then click the Scan menu on Samsung FRP Tool. There will be a new COM Port with a numeric code which is a direct connection port with Samsung J2 Core. Select Speed like the screenshot above and click Open, then Klick Call.

Automatically mobile screen will turn on call 900 press the close phone icon.

Add contact Tab, then share Tab

Select Share via Google Go, the goal is to access the browser itself so that later we can searching Google to download application APK bypass FRP.

Tab use without a Google account

Tab completed to open the browser page

In the search field enter the keyword "SHARE TUTORIAL" to find this Blog. Then find the ByPass FRP menu to download the Bypass Google Account APK.

Download ByPass FRP Android 6. Apk and Smart Easy Bypass or ByPass FRP Android 1 If a warning appears malicious application just ignore it and continue downloading. After both APKS downloaded the first install FRP Android Bypass (Google Manager) then install Smart Easy Bypass or Bypass FRP Android 1 and run. Do not directly login, the three dots Tab in the upper right corner, select Browser login. Enter your email and password to sign in. After finishing Matika and restart Samsung J2.

In the setup process, the account information is added, meaning you have successfully made an account with the ByPass application. Next menu Tab to continue the new device setup process.

Appears notification select Grant to be recovered, Tab does not restore, and the result Samsung J2 Core is already unlocked pattern and Locked FRP Google Account.

Thus a tutorial on how to easily address Locked patterns and FRP Google Account on Samsung J2 Core with Model code SM-J260G DS.
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