How to Activate and Fill Search Description on Blogspot

Turning on search descriptions when posting articles in Blogger is important enough to improve the SEO quality of the blog. Many beginners don't know it yet and often ignore this simple way. By filling in the summary of the article, the Google search engine will easily read and can display on the first page of Google.

Here Blogger SEO Knowledge will give you a tutorial briefly and easily for you. Please follow them so that you can fill in the description correctly. The way to activate it is quite easy but the Blogger user's question is how to fill it outright. Some are using it by copying the first paragraph of the article and there is also the fill itself.

Previously I did not know what function but after trying to use this blogger facility almost all these blog articles are detected by Google quickly. This is my newest way of having my previous Youtube Vidio technique only copying in the first paragraph.

How to turn on search descriptions in Blogger

Step 1: Please sign in to the Dashboard Blogger buddy and select Settings > > Search Preferences > > on Meta tags please fill the sentence according to Nice blog Buddy.

Step 2: Please post the article as usual and look at the right menu will add an additional one menu other than Label, schedule, Permanent link, and others. The description of a search is active and ready for you to use this blogger feature.

How to fill out search descriptions when to post the correct article

Step 1: Please open the right corner when you write articles on Blogger. Click Search Description After all the articles you've finished writing.

Step 2: To write it down please create a short sentence from the article summary. Don't do Copas in the first paragraph because to make it please create a short sentence but represent the whole article from start to finish. See the example below there is a title sentence and the contents that say write briefly. More keywords you write better.

Warning: Do not write a search description that is unrelated to the article we are writing. If that's what you do then most likely the writing you make will be ignored by Google engines. Make it as short as possible by taking the title keyword, content and conclusion of the text you create.

That's how to easily turn on search descriptions on Blog posts. Please practice and see the results. You can also learn more SEO problems Blog by reading this article: SEO Tips Blog latest article so Page One Google. Thank you for visiting and hopefully, this information is useful.
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