Explanation of SEO Blogger and How it Works

What is SEO? You who are just starting out making a blog or website will surely question this. Because to get high rankings in Google search, you have to apply a number of steps related to SEO optimization. For that, an explanation of the complete SEO Blogger how it works you need to know.

Nowadays, the online marketing system is a lot of interest from business actors. As the era grows, knowledge of online business needs to be improved. SEO is one of the important factors in the continuity of your online efforts. Especially for beginners, it's important to have a reliable and easy-to-understand SEO guide.

For example, maybe there are other questions that arise like how to use SEO techniques? What are the benefits? What are some mistakes to avoid? Effect if not using SEO? Tips and tricks? And much more. You want to know the answer. In the following series, we will find out the full information.

Explanation of SEO Blogger and how it works


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You will begin to know him when they start to enter the world of blogging or online. According to its definition SEO is a technique in order to maximize the value of the website page. The goal is to increase the ranking and visitor/visitors of the Google search results.

SEO generally processes systematically including analysis, implementation, and report. What does it mean? This means that by doing SEO techniques will be included in the category of Black chat SEO, Whitehat SEO, and Greyhat SEO. Well, every technique has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, Black chat SEO performs malicious actions to accelerate the ranking of websites in search engines.

Whitehat SEO is an action that is relevant and natural to improve Web rankings. While Greyhat SEO itself combines both previous techniques for the effort to gain high rankings. In other words, SEO is a technique or attempt to optimize a website tailored to the rules – the rules set by the Google search engine.


SEO is done to get a good benefit for your blog or Web. Specifically, the benefits of SEO can you see when reading his understanding, is not it? In fact, the benefits we can get from SEO depend on the purpose we previously created a site.

For example, if your website is a Web affiliate, if applying SEO techniques then, of course, will increase the sales of affiliate products. If your Web page to sell online is combined with how SEO works then this will increase the number of visitors, sales and consumers in your online store.

Well, the following is the excess points you can possibly get when applying SEO techniques:

  1. Increase your revenue as a publisher indirectly
  2. Online business through the website will experience the development
  3. A website can become crowded with visitor/visitor by keyword
  4. Customers continue to visit the website
  5. Improves search caching in search engines so that it becomes the primary
  6. A reciprocal relationship in the Product affiliate website


The way SEO works through several processes and the following steps:


What is Crawling? Crawling this is another name of the crawl method. This is the process by which all the Web pages that have been connected to the website will take place. This task itself is done by software or software known as crawler or spider or Googlebot in search engines.


Generally, Indexing is done after the crawl process. Indexing itself is the process of creating an index in all the pages that are already taken and stored on the database search engine. Indexing broadly has a task around identifying text and words that will make it later can be entered in the search engine database through certain keywords.


Then there is a process called "Processing". This happens when the search engine receives a request from the user. For example is the keyword "SEO sense" then, on the search engine will perform a number of processes comparing the keyword "SEO sense" to the search request with other available pages of various websites that are well-index in Database.


Well, to process this one works in terms of keywords on the content. His condition like this, in a Web, definitely has more than one keyword that is input in the search engine, is not it? So in this process, the search engines will try to compute the relevance of each page that is an index for each – each keyword received.


The final step in how SEO works is to take relevant results with previously processed keywords called Retrieving Result. Next, the list of search results will appear on the search engine in your browser.

Well, as for the method of how the SEO works technically in the divide to 2 namely as follows:

SEO OnPage

From its name SEO OnPage then we already know this is related to everything that can be done in a blog. Of course all the technical aspects of a website. It has an important role in increasing web ranking on search engines.

OnPage SEO will make it easy for search engines to find which content is relevant and quality in browsers with certain keywords. Therefore, OnPage SEO is a good thing to follow the existence of algorithms on search engines.

Some of the factors that affect OnPage SEO is that the content of the Web page should be true – it will provide the information that is searched, not just from the number of keywords entered. Then, there is a good Title tag, the correct URL structure, accessible to Crawler/Bot, capable website speed, image all text, XML sitemap, meta tags and other – other

SEO Off-Page

Unlike SEO OnPage, Off-page SEO is a bunch of activities or activities that are done outside of the website. This could affect the ranking on the SERP or Search Engine Result Pages. Optimizing OFF Page SEO can involve some way.

Some of those ways are by using trusted and qualified backlinks. Generally the higher the popularity of the website then it will give a backlink to a website so that the signal given Google will be increasingly stronger.

To understand it is like this. A site gets backlinks from a well-known website like CNN. Well, from here Google will see that the website has a good content characteristic so that popular websites such as CNN are willing to give backlinks to that website.

Other factors that contribute to SEO Off-page are from guest blogging, branded keyword, social media marketing, no follow correct links, giving good anchor text, domain authority and so forth that you should not miss if doing SEO Techniques Off-page.

Here's the complete information from the definition to its application for you. Both the new start and the proficient. Because other tips and tricks you need to look at and do for the sake of your successful blog or website. There is a lot of information related to SEO and Blogger, please complete your knowledge deeper again.

See also a variety of YouTube video tutorials equipped with audio and images to better understand. Make sure you can be right – really understand and learn slowly – the land. So much information can be given. Congratulations try and good luck!
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