Equations and provisions methods of writing HTML posts using BR tags with Tag P

In writing a content post there are two good methods or good to implement when compared to the Post creation method via Compose mode i.e. HTML post writing Mode using the Br Tab and HTML post writing using Tag P.

Both types of post writing above are essentially the same as to avoid the creation of CSS template results in the post text setting done in Compose mode. So the Posotingan will be more fast loading and not burden loading the blog.

But even though the goal is the same between these two methods, in fact, there is a difference that a beginner blogger Buddy is not yet known. Here are the similarities and differences in the function of the post content writing using BR tags and Tag P according to the Admin's knowledge in person.

List equations tags BR and P

  1. equally works to avoid the creation of CSS code  
  2. equally works for separators between text
  3. is both done and written in HTML Mode

List of functions tags BR and P  
  1. Tag BR to separate between paragraphs is written 2 code < BR/> in parallel or adjacent  
  2. Tag P to separate the Pargaraf is written using the opening code < P > at the beginning of the paragraph and the closing code < P/> at the end of paragraph  
  3. Tag BR is easier to use because it simply puts 2 pieces of code < BR/> in an area between the texts that want to be made a new paragraph
  4. Tag P is more complicated because it should put the opening code < P > at the beginning of each paragraph or new space and put the cover code < P/> at the end of each paragraph  
  5. a paragraph written using a BR tag although it is seen separately between paragraphs actually is a full and intact paragraph, because the function of the BR code itself is like spacing between letters or sentences, but on writing HTML distance or The SPACEBAR is down instead of the left-right side so   The text looks like a separate paragraph  
  6. paragraphs written using the P tag are completely separate and are different PARARAGRAF units so the use of AMP templates allows automatic emergence of InArticle ads in paragraphs according to the number of banner ads and Banner Ads Placement calculations on paragraph sharing.
  7. with Tag BR Although the writing method is tried switching methods from Compos to HTML or vice versa will not change.
  8. with Tag P when writing is changed to Compose mode and then restored to HTML mode then the entire closing code < P/> will be changed to two code BR TAG and the opening code < P > will be lost. For that, if using the Write method Tag   P should be up to completion do not try to see the typing results to Compose mode if you do not want to re-edit the return code that has changed to Tag Br to Tag P again.  
That's the equation and difference function of the method of writing blogger in HTML mode using the BR tag with tag p. Hopefully easy to understand and please decide yourself prefer which between the two methods above the because of Both the content writing the AMP template post.
Here is a tutorial How to write HTML-Mode post content with BR tags and how to write content post HTML Mode with Tag P.
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