Differences of Premium Template With Free Template

Here are some important key differences in the premium blog templates with free, the Including is as follows:

1. More Powerful SEO Optimized (optimally optimized SEO)
Again we will be faced with the question of the word  "SEO " in a template. I think it is worth talking about seriously, given the SEO discussion on a template will relate directly to the performance of a blog. The performance of the blog we can see from the side of speed, responsiveness, ease of navigation menu, and the most important is easy to be indexed Google.

However, in practice, we often find a variety of "tools" tests over several factors. As such, many differences are reflected in our minds, which involved many of the options we have to choose. Well, from what it is so many of us who feel confused to choose which template.

However, there is one estuary that we can make a simple reference, which is the experience factor we do. The more experience we use a template, then we'll be able to distinguish the "fact " results that are close to validity.

For example, as I tried to discuss the fundamental difference between SL Fastest SEO and Mas Sugeng's Fastest Magz. From that, at least we will have their own  "stories " and from it makes us able to directly prove the performance of a template.

2. Free Credit Link
I think in this second point the tips already understand the same, and I do not need to discuss deeper. In essence, the premium SEO template is free credit link the designer; While the free credit is still there is a URL link maker.

3. Support from the designer
The existence of information services from premium templates turns out to bring a separate "blessing" to the customer. The reason, in addition to getting the update template service that he bought, but generally it will also acquire additional  "Science " free given by the designer.

It can be a problem with template design problems, can also be another problem related to the blogging world, such as how to SEO optimization on the website. Well, that's the positive side that for the view  "I personally " is a very expensive science and is not worth it compared to the  "price " template that is numbered only hundreds of thousands.

Is there a buddy who knows how much is the cost of learning SEO on professional blogging?


Well, I guess three fundamental things are distinguishing between a free template with a premium template.
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