How to Create Your Own Blog Easily For Beginner Its Free

On this occasion, I will share a tutorial on how to create a blog on Blogspot that is certainly free. Maybe for those who are familiar with the world blogging this tutorial is meaningless because it is considered an easy thing once. But for beginners let alone who have not at all known the blog World certainly in his mind will arise question what is Blog? What is the function and how do I create it?  

Let's discuss a little understanding of the blog according to my version, Blog is an online media where a blogger pours his work in the form of article writing, scientific work, news, sharing software and so forth whose purpose is to distribute to the public.

The main blog function is social media where a variety of documents are shared by a blogger. Another function of the blog is to look for revenue in the form of money, through publishing ads originating from advertising providers ' sites. For a blogger who has enrolled and accepted as an advertising publisher and has posted advertisements on his blog. It will automatically get rewarded by the ad provider based on the number of impressions or the most likely number of ad clicks on the blog ad.  

Now we get to the third question how do I create a blog? To create a blog The main requirement that we have to fulfill is we must already have a Google account. Then how to get a Google account? It's easy enough to make an email on Google (G-Mail) We already have Google Account.;

First, open your browser then type in the word search field "Blogger " can also be in the link of the browser then press Enter, the result will be like this:

On the Search browser page as above screenshot Select and click Sign or Create Your Blog  

On the Blogger page select and click CREATE YOUR BLOG Then it appears a new browser dialog as below screenshot

On the Blog list page,> create a new blog title enter the Blog to be created, then enter the blog address can be retrieved from the blog title or with the combination of other words that correspond to the blog title

If the notification appears as shown below, it means the name of the blog that we enter is already used by others or not in accordance with the provisions of Google policy

Replace with the new blog address name, could add additional words at the base or the end of the address that is not available, or can also replace it with the name of the new blog address as a whole

If the blog name is available then there will be a notification "This Blog address available " with a checkmark. Click the blog name available, select the theme provided Google then Klick Create Blog

Until here we have managed to create a Blog, will appear a blog page that we create as below screenshot

To see the look of the blog we have created, Click See Blog, here is an example of the blog view that we've created earlier

Quite, so tutorial how to make a blog on Blogspot, thank you for listening to this tutorial from start to finish, congratulations for the friend who has managed to make a blog see you in the next tutorial. with
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