Blogger vs WordPress Which one is better? This is The Explanation

When we are going to write on the Internet, we are facing two of the most widely used platforms. Blogger and Wordpress are a facility that we can use to create a website either personal or company. These two platforms have the advantages and disadvantages of each so we should be able to choose the best and the right one.

Wordpress or Blogger is good depends on the way they use of each person. Each user must have their own reasons why they persist using Blogger. Some assume that WP is the best. We can see the average professional WEB using WP instead of Blogger.

The comparison of this Blogger vs. WP is just an analysis of my personality. Based on my personal experience and a few friends who already use both of these facilities. Actually, there are about 12 free platforms that can be used but the most trending ones are used only those two platforms.

Blogger Excellence

Who does not like this one Google product, besides being able to use it for free without buying Hosting and Domain is also quite easy to use. For the provided templates also many have options and easy to implement. We do not need to think of the Down Hosting because regardless of our Visitor Google can contain it.

Advantages of Wordpress

For those of you who are already more professional definitely, use WP as the right Platform. There are many tools that you can use in setting up a good SEO Template or article. No wonder when we use this product then the article can easily be on the first page of Google. The number of posts in one day is not limited.

Disadvantages of Bloggers

As long as I use the Blogger facility which is a major drawback is the slow article Google detection. Can not eliminate the month and year on the article link. For SEO settings We do not have many options such as when using WP. The last one is that the article will be easy to slide on Page One Google If the blog is not a diligent update.

Disadvantages of Wordpress

For those of you who do not have big capital then the selection of Hosting greatly affects. If wrong in selecting it will often happen Down and Error. What's more when blogs are busy and crowded with visitors. If you do not choose the right hosting type then the site will be easy down and can not be accessed. Besides the Hosting price is also expensive for more beginners.

There is no need for the width I explain about Blogger vs. Wordpress. Each one has its own advantages so please choose what you think is good. Whatever Platform to use when used properly and maximally exact results are also good. Conversely, even if you use professional classes but if you ignore the standard the result is empty.

Building a blog requires persistence and hard work. For your beginner's advice from me keep using Blogger until the time comes you can buy proper and good Hosting. Bloggers also provide ease in the process of Editing templates and many have either paid or free options.

How already familiar with my simple explanation above. Feel free to use Blogger because until now I am still faithful. If you already feel confident using WP products please try but prepare more funds so as not to be disappointed. If you know more about the blog Tutorial please visit the site Domostium.Com. Thank you for visiting hopefully this information is useful.
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