Blog URL Link Blocked by FB, Here's how to Handle it Easily

Bringing in many blog visitors is the main goal to make a lot of money from the blog. It's no wonder that online workers who manage a site work hard to share URLs or links to a lot of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Twitter, BBM, and Whatsapp are the easiest social media for promotion.

Because too many share the blog URL link through social media then there is a time your link is considered spam. This results in you can no longer share or promote. Do not worry if it happens because there is still another way to overcome it which is with some tips that blogger SEO knowledge makes in the morning today.

This way it actually happens after one of my friends can not add his blog link to the FB Fanspage or FB page. There is always a word of error and error so try I fix it by using third party facilities. The result is successful and the Group's or Fanspage FB visitors can once click the link provided.

Several causes lead to your blog link being blocked:
  1. Share too many blog articles in one day 
  2. Send a blog link to a Group FB or group WA so that a Group member or admin reports. 
  3. Share articles that are not as appropriate as adult articles or online gambling. 
  4. There are parties who feel harmed and report your blog link to social media. And many more violations.
If it has been blocked then how to fix it as follows: complaint to the Facebook report that the blog link is not Spam currently is not in place then you can do the second way. Using a short link i.e. use Google URL Shortener, enter your blog article link in the provided column and click the Shorten URL.

The third way to use BITLY, it works similar to the above by creating a short link.

In the two ways above then your blog/web address is not known directly.

Then, not to be blocked for other blogs you need to pay attention to the following: share the Blog's URL link to social media as appropriate, one or two times a day. When sharing articles to Group FB and WA Please adjust between the articles of the Group type (if the article of cuisine then shares in the cuisine Group).

Create useful articles, not Copy Paste results, not breaking article types. Do not use photos or images that do not match such as Por'no images. Be careful in sharing the Blog link and the advice I find a visitor through a search engine because in addition to having a high CPC/CPC also you will be more relaxed.

That's how to resolve the Blog/WEB URL link blocked by Facebook. The way above works and you can share it again to social media but it looks different. FB is currently more detailed when blocking URLs so there are also types of articles that are permanently blocked. No matter how you send it then my post will not show up.

The other way is to domain your blog but this way is sure you will start from scratch. So create a buddy all the blogs that have not been blocked please heart. Share the blog link to social media as needed only and be better at maximizing Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Congratulations try and good luck.
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