Benefits of Daily Update Posts on Blogs

Would otherwise update the article, not every day affect the blog's ranking?

Basically updating a regular post or daily update of the article will be endeared by search engines like Google. But that does not necessarily affect the ranking of the blog, there are still many other things that affect the ranking of the blog.

One of the most major ones affecting the ranking or ranking of posts on the search page is the quality of the article content itself.

So what is the effect of regular article updates every day on the blog?

Frequent post updates, liked by search engines, especially Google

Instead of updating a post every day that "it's a way to go" just to pursue a routine or article  "Up to date", it's best to create a quality article that's beneficial to readers even with less frequent frequencies.

But of course, updates of posts every day will be better if the articles are made not random (let alone Copas origin). Because quality content and benefits to readers will certainly be easy to rank well on Google's search results page.

Well here's where the influence of post updates every day on the blog. With post updates every day with quality content, the keywords will be more diverse and powerful. That way the chances of getting more visitors are getting bigger.

The effect of daily post updates with quality content so that keywords or keywords become increasingly diverse and robust, of course, will lead to increasingly higher traffic. Of course, it is desirable for all bloggers.

And the challenge for bloggers is consequent to update the quality articles every day. The design gets a quality idea to make content a major problem for bloggers.

Unfortunately, many bloggers do not think about the quality of the content, which is important to post as much as possible every day with Copas here. The blog edges remain deserted and eventually become bored.

Alexa Ranks getting slimmer

Effects or influences that are further away from daily quality article updates than the preferred search engines like Google are the increasingly small Alexa rankings. Once Google doesn't update or make any more PageRank, Alexa rankings are still considered important until now as a benchmark for scoring on a blog or website.

The Alexa Ranking is influenced by the routine of posting updates, several visitors, Page view count, and more. The more frequent the post updates, the more the visitor and the PageView will further raise the Alexa rating ranking with the more small Alexa rankings.

Also, blogs with articles that are always updated will be liked by visitors. They will willingly become loyal visitors who always wait for the article to be read. This, of course, adds to the number of visitor points and the number of page views in addition to visitors coming from the search page.

Posting daily updates is important, but more importantly, it's a post update with a quality article that benefits visitors. If you can't update your articles every day, then create quality content to keep your visitors engaged because the article is ranked well on the search page and can last a long time.

Blogs with quality articles and with great visitor traffic will give you a lot of profit as a blogger, especially for financial terms. In addition to revenue from Adsense ads, standalone ad offerings, content replacement, and more will come to you.
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