Are Longer Articles more Good for SEO?

A question arises about a word count or word counts on a blog article. According to the news, long articles are better for ranking in search results. Once Google can read the entire blog post page, Google is more like a page that contains more text.

The length of the blog post is generally enough with 400 words, it can be said as a long standard blog post. But if it could be longer it would be nicer.

Long blog post, length doesn't mean good.

To straighten out the understanding of this long article, that the articles made long are not necessarily good for SEO, not necessarily get a good ranking on the search page.

It could be articles with 2000 words or more could be outdone by articles that only have fewer word counts. It could have been an article that only 400 words beat long articles with 1000 words or 2000 words or more.

Why can it like that?

If we are only on the length of the article, just count the number of words so that up to 2000 words without regard to the quality of the article, then this can make your writing redundant.

If the writing you made is only to meet the long article criteria only so that your writing extends to everywhere not going out of the topic of the article, then this is no better than a short article that has only 400 words with simple discussion, Solid, and clear with the use of the right keywords.

So, what kind of a long and good article in SERP?

Create Quality long articles

So how do I create long, quality articles or posts?

Two criteria must be met so that long articles are made good in the SERP and become not redundant, namely: Favangi by Search engines and saved by readers.

1. Endeared by search engines

Create Articles with many searchable keywords. The suggestion to create a long article was intended to make the keyword placement in the article more and more evenly. That way, the keywords in the articles are increasingly diverse so that they can be relevant to many search keywords because now the keyword is not enough just on the search description.

Endeared by search engines

Moreover, now apply long-tail keywords, users no longer only use short keywords but many are using long keywords like a question.

With a long post, it allows us to make a combination of keywords into a variety of long-tail keywords to be more.

But avoid using excessive keywords, repeated keywords, or placement of many keywords in paragraphs.

Create keywords that blend into sentences with a variety of variations so that the visitor remains good to read.

2. Liked by readers

It is also important to pay attention to the audience or readers. Create articles that readers have liked so that they can read all their writings.

An article that is rambling and naming everywhere will certainly not be liked by visitors. Instead of opening another page or sharing a post on social media, they'll immediately close the page because it's considered useless and tedious.

Liked by readers

Create useful articles for visitors, create articles that solve the problems they're facing, create detailed articles so that they can be more understandable and become a solution to their problems.

A detailed article that sorts the root topic of the problem, by itself, will make the article long but not boring.

Dividing the article into sub-sub according to the topic of discussion, of course, will make long articles more interesting to read and become clear enough to understand.

That way, the user experience or the reader experience for the page is better. Without being forced, readers will share our posts with their social media because they are considered useful and can help others with the same problem.

The purpose of the long article is to make the keyword placement more diverse so it is preferred by search engines. Long articles are also created to further explain the topic to be more detailed so that it can be more understandable and liked by the reader.

But of course, all the articles do not have to belong, should be adjusted also with the topic of posts so that it becomes not rambling.

If you use Adsense and enable auto ads, then long articles provide plenty of opportunities for auto ads to insert Adsense ads between paragraphs.
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