5 Advantages to Using the Wordpress Platform

Wordpress is a platform for building and controlling certain websites. It's not just bloggers who provide free Blogspot but Wordpress facilities too. Blog SEO Knowledge is still using Blogger but does not close the possibility of using WP which has many advantages in its use.

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The advantage of Wordpress is that it is already using Self Hosting itself namely WordPress.org. There are many other platforms like Weebly, Jigsy, and others but as in the title of this article, WP excellence is better compared to others. To use your own hosting then you need to learn more in order to get the right place.

It's not just a matter of easy display in its own custom but we can set the SEO Template level and the article itself. Many plugins can be used and can also avoid any other party's cheating. For you who are curious please listen to what is the advantage of Wordpress.

5 advantages to using the Wordpress Platform

1. Lots of Template options

An attractive and simple look greatly affects the arrival of a site's visitors. There are many Theme options in WP that you can use easily and for free. If you want a more professional can buy it and surely the value of the SEO score and Pagespeed Blog is tested and best.

2. Plugins Facilities

When using Wordpress we can use a wide range of Plugins options needed. There is no need to pay because the facilities are provided free of charge and only. To use the function please learn so that the accuracy of the target can be maximized properly.

3. Easy to use

Make beginners if using the Wordpress platform is pretty easy to learn. The Menu provided can be learned quickly. No need to understand HTML code to design the look but in WP there is a facility  "Interface ". There is a lot of ease in setting the layout in the components of the website.

4. Good SEO level

No wonder a site using the Wordpress facility is superior to Google's search engine. A site that is SEO Friendly is highly liked by Google search engine. For its optical process, there are various plugins that can be used freely. The Plugin will serve to notify the SEO level of the article we create as well.

5. Miscellaneous

There are many more advantages if you use the WP Platform such as ' friendly ' permalink structure with a search engine, Support for all widgets, use of HTML code that we can change. In addition to the integrated Link management, it can create a page easily, there are equipped with Anti Spam Also, there is a proper placement TAG (Tagging) and many more.

How are you interested in trying to make a website using Wordpress. If to learn more in please study on the site carabuatwebsite.org. There are many tutorials that you can get and easy enough to learn. Good luck and hopefully succeed to increase your Blog visitors while using this WP facility.
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