10 Ways to Write SEO Friendly Blogger Articles

One of the most important elements of each article publication is to appear on page one search engine or the commonplace called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, not all bloggers understand SEO. Therefore, it is important to know how to write the latest SEO articles.

Basically, writing articles is a very easy one. For those of you who love blogging, maybe writing 3-4 articles per day is not a difficult thing. More if the content of reconstruction results, the day may be more than that amount.

Even so, when publishing on a blog, the article you write is no longer the only one. There are dozens, even hundreds of articles with similar topics, from authors or other bloggers in different regions. That's where the quality of the articles plays a role and needs questionable. That is, then the competition begins. Like salespeople, each of them will race how crowded their buyers are, becoming the best selling. In the context of the article, how each writer to make his writings to demand many viewers.

The viewer here is the key, that if the article is read thousands of times, the next target is advertising, aka advertising. Many viewers are not just a stock monetize a blog, but also the appearance of the article in the SEO.

Writing an article is also a new art, how to make an idea or idea to be visited by people, and dominate other articles when searched through search engines. For that purpose, optimization or SEO techniques become the most important thing that must be done.

Competition Statistics articles through optimization techniques in search engines is not a new one. But not all bloggers, especially beginner bloggers, know how to write SEO articles. Need tips for that, although it is not denied some pure purely blogger writing because of a hobby, without the need for optimization.

When the article has entered the world of publication, exploitation also lively occurred. For example, copy-paste the website to the blog for the sake of acquiring SEO. So, the author's sincere without the lure advertisement usually lose the step with the bloggers. They are more skilled at creating SEO.

Or not copy-paste, but reconstructed. The worse, which appeared on Google's first search and has a lot of viewers is the reconstructive SEO article, while the original article was ranked second.

Regardless of how accurate SEO set up article stats, the steps of writing SEO articles yourself are also something dynamic. That is, Google also displays articles based on most viewers, although SEO article features are not completely fulfilled.

SEO articles usually have a long feature of at least 300-500 words, keyword density, keyword in the meta description, keyword in many paragraphs with the technique of bold, italic and underline. As well as using subheaders. Because it appears in the top search, it is called SEO-friendly.

In addition to SEO-friendly, there is also Human-friendly, that is when Google notices the behavior of each viewer. Human-friendly articles usually have interesting titles, according to many viewer characters, wear an F-shaped pattern, as well as unique.

Unfortunately, this Human-friendly article is often limited to a famous website, such as Tirto Id, Beritagar, or even on a website similar to Hipwee. As for the General blog page, SEO-friendly articles remain a priority. For the average blogger, SEO articles are also useful for earning money from advertisements.

So essentially, the publication is not just about creating articles, but rather making it appealing to the reader and appearing first when typed in a search engine. For that, SEO techniques are important. To make it, of course, must go through a few steps. Steps to writing SEO articles

Then what are the steps to write SEO articles? Here are a few steps to optimize articles that you can reference:

Use keywords that are much sought after readers

It is important to note that the primary key SEO article is the keyword. Either in the title, in the body of the article or each paragraph, the keyword will facilitate the optimization process. Unfortunately, often the keyword writing does not suit the reader's tastes.

What the reader wants to search on Google, the keyword is not in the article. That is why SEO-friendly articles need author sensitivity, about what the reader needs. However, do not get to the Keywordnya mostly.

Use the Focus Keyword proportionally

Redundant keywords are also not a good idea. Articles become ineffective. So despite the success in SEO, readers will be a bit. However, the reader sees the content and needs the keywords, not just typing in the search.

If the article is not effective, the reader is not interested. So try the keyword fitting, so easy to search at once not contradict the logic of the reader. Do not get through the search on Google, the reader precisely rate the article is bad.

Articles published worth reading

Bad meaning is not worth reading and it is not a requirement for SEO-friendly made. In addition to balancing the effectiveness of keywords, SEO articles are also said to be worth reading if it has no typographical errors, narrative even conveying ideas.

To edit the article SEO, can ask for professional help in the field of editing script, but can also edit themselves (self-editing). The trick is to read repeatedly after writing before publishing it.

The article answered what readers need

Not only keyword games, SEO articles should also be detailed. So, answer what is needed by the reader. When they are not disappointed with the content, it tends to share it.

Use hyperlinks, Internal and external

In addition to maintaining authenticity and validity, the inclusion of links serves to link articles with related topics. So the viewer grew and the optimization increasingly very good. In this case, the reproduction of references is also important.

Complete all elements on the Blog

Blogs usually have some required elements, such as URLs, keywords, and images. Complete all these elements to acquire quality SEO articles.

Write content consistently

Not only through writing techniques, SEO articles are also rated Google based on consistency. The search engine automatically displays blogs that regularly write rather than blogs that are rarely up to date. Consistency also multiplies the number of viewers.

Have a good viewpoint

Using a nice angle makes your article different from a mainstream article. The optimization also looks at it, then show it in the top rankings of search engines. The uniqueness of an article is determined by its angle.

Use Heading and Subheading

SEO articles also require a step in, because the reader will not read in full. If the need is not there, they will not read it. Through headings and subheadings, article outlines are captured even in 5-second readings only.

Frequently share articles to social media

Once the specifics are written, and all of the above steps are met, often share the article to social media. So, the viewer grew significantly. Promoting articles will help search engine optimization (SEO) run successfully.

So review how to write the most potent SEO article. Through these steps, the optimization will be successful. And don't worry, because your articles are ready to appear at the top of the Google search engine.
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