How to Overcome OPPO A3S Can't Enter Menu

A few days ago I got the Oppo A3S Android Job Service which was having problems not being able to enter the menu. The Oppo A3S android has previously been hard reset by its owner, then when the device setup process an obstacle occurs where the Oppo A3S device setup process after the hard reset fails always appears a command notification for Clean Up Internal Memory.

Even though a hard reset has been done repeatedly, logically, the internal memory will be completely formatted, it turns out that the notification still appears and the Oppo A3S cannot enter the main menu.

To be able to enter the main menu, I also used the fast method, namely by using the ByPass FRP method, although it is not known whether the Oppo A3S is FRP locked or not, the result is that the Oppo A3S can enter the screen lock page. but when the screen is unlocked the Oppo A3S display becomes a black blank.

From this problem, I can conclude that it is most likely that the Oppo A3S cannot enter the black blank screen menu due to a system crash and needs to be re-flashed. to re-flash the Oppo A3S the easiest way is to update the OTA and Alhamdulillah after I tried to flash the Oppo A3S using the OTA firmware the Oppo A3S was back to normal and I was able to enter the menu as it should.

For those of you who experience the same problem as I described above, you can try this method right away. Please Download First Firmware OTA Oppo A32s

After you download the Oppo A3s OTA Firmware, copy the firmware to Micro SD, then position the Oppo A3S into Recovery mode by pressing the Power, Volume Up, and Down buttons simultaneously.

Kemudian setelah Oppo A3S masuk ke mode Recovery, pilih Opsi Install from Strorage Device

Select the From SD Card option, then select the Oppo A3S OTA Firmware. There are 2 types of Oppo A3S, the first is CPH1853EX and the second is CPH1803EX (Oppo A3S 3GB RAM and Oppo A3S RAM 2GB). Please match your Oppo A3S

Confirm OK to start the Package Installation Process

Wait for the Updating System Process to finish automatically

Once Done, Confirm Reboot to apply the Oppo A3 OTA Flashing results

With the method above, the Oppo A3S should have returned to normal and can enter menu mode, but if it fails, there may be a hardware problem, it could be the CPU or MMC.

To make sure that the Oppo A3S is really normal I tried to do a Factory Reset again by deleting all application data and applications.

That's the Tutorial Guide on How to Overcome Android OPPO A3S error can't enter the menu and or black blank screen that you can try practicing, good luck, good luck.

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