How to Flash Update iOS iPhone 11 with 3UTools

A few days ago, Alhamdulillah, I got a job as well as a new experience of Flash Update iOS iPhone 11 belonging to one of the customers. The person concerned has tried to update the iOS via the OTA iOS update but it says it failed.

Another way to update iOS on iPhone is to use the 3uTools App or iTunes. Here I will share a tutorial on how to flash an iOS iPhone 11 update with 3uTools that you can try to practice yourself at home

First of all, please download the application first 3uTools then just install the application and update the driver. If a notification or command appears to install the iTunes application, please just install it.

Then connect the iPhone 11 to the computer, the iPhone 11 device will automatically be read by the 3uTools application, if it doesn't read it means you haven't installed the driver completely.

Then select the Smart Flash Menu Option and download the firmware from the latest iPhone 11, it can be a beta or an earlier version that is perfect. You can also download iOS Firmware outside the 3uTools application and then select the Select Local Firmware option Here

Select Flash Options, there are 4 flash options, please choose one. For the option to retain files and settings on the previous iPhone 11, please select Retain User's Data.

When finished selecting Flash options, click Flash. there will be an Easy Flash Reminder window, just in case, please back up user data first.

Kick Back up Now to back up User Data on the iPhone you want to flash

Wait for the backup process to finish

After the backup process is complete and successful, a notification will appear All data is backed up, click OK

Back to Easy Flash Reminder Window, Click Flash to start Flashing Process

What if your iPhone 11 is in an error state? for example, stuck on the Apple logo?

The trick is to position the iPhone 11 into DFU or Recovery mode by pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons one time in sequence then press the power button and hold it until the iPhone restarts. Keep pressing and holding the power button until the iPhone 11 goes into DFU (Recovery Mode) mode

For example, here I am using the downloaded iPhone 11 firmware outside the 3uTool application because by chance somehow 3 times the download attempt always fails even though the download status is 100%. So I chose the Import Local Firmware Option

The process is the same as I explained before.

Wait for the Flash Process to finish by itself, position the iPhone 11 in a safe place and never try to disconnect the device, for example by unplugging the data cable because it will impact the iPhone 11 stuck error Apple logo.

After the flashing process is complete, a notification of Congratulations, Retain Data Flash Completed will appear.

At this point, the iPhone 11 flash process has actually been completed, but I recommend not unplugging the data cable first, let the iOS update flashing process on the iPhone 11 completely finish and the iPhone 11 is still entering the hello window.

That's an easy way to flash an iOS iPhone 11 update using the 3uTool application that you can try to practice yourself at home. there is no need to be afraid of failure, as long as you do everything according to the guide above, God willing, the iPhone is safe, and please note this tutorial can also be applied to the process of flashing other types of iPhones.

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