Easy and Fast way ByPass FRP VIVO Y12S

Alhamdulillah, a few days ago a VIVO Y12S Android user customer has come to me who is experiencing problems or problems where his Android VIVO Y12S is locked in an FRP Google Account after a Factory Reset is done back to factory settings.

The owner doesn't remember at all and forgot his Gmail account and Gmail password, and this is how the Android VIVO Y12S looks like a locked FRP Google Account.

To solve the problem of Android VIVO Y12S that is locked in a pattern as usual I use the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application and here are the steps:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application, for Brands and Models, select AUTO only, unless it fails to change the VIVO Brand and Y12S.
  2. On the Service Tab Options Select Factory Reset Protection (FRP)
  3. On the Method/Option Options leave Auto or you can also select Erase User Data
  4. Click Execute to start the VIVO Y12S FRP bypass process
  5. Take VIVO Y12S, in the power off condition press the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously then connect it to the computer using a USB Data cable
  6. Wait for Hydra MediaTek Tool Processdetects and reads VIVO Y12S Device
  7. Wait for the VIVO Y12S FRP ByPass Process to finish automatically
  8. Done
After the ByPass process is complete, unplug the USB Data connector and turn on VIVO Y12S, then do the setup settings for the VIVO Y12S device as they should be.
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