How to Install a Niagahoster Blogspot TLD Custom Domain

A few weeks ago I just upgraded my Blog domain to a custom TLD domain so my blog URL became The custom domain TLD I bought from Niaga Hoster for 143,000, -/year. Therefore, here I will share my experience on how to change a Blogspot domain to a TLD domain such as .com, .id, .net, and so on.

After we have successfully created an account and determined a domain and made a payment for the purchase of a TLD domain at Niaga Hoster, please enter the Dashboard Home Page menu for the NIAGA HOSTER Account then select Domain Menu Options as shown in the screenshot below:

Then select Manage Domain Options

Then in the Domain Settings window select the DNS Management tab

Then select Blogspot Options

Then enter CNAME 2 Blogspot which can be viewed and obtained through our blogger dashboard page.

On the Blogger Dashboard page select Settings Menu Options, then select Publish Options and click Custom Domain Options.

Enter the blog's custom TLD domain, for example, mine, is then click Save

There was an error here where I didn't input the www URL in the domain prefix, so I started inputting the blog link with the www prefix. as shown in the screenshot below then click Save

The CNAME 2 Blogspot code window will appear, this code will be used to synchronize with the domain that we purchased at Niaga Hoster.

Enter the CNAME 2 Blogspot code in its proper place then click Save Record

Wait for Sync Process

Done, so far we have succeeded in syncing and installing the blog's Custom Domain TLD

Go back to the Blogger Dashboard page and click Save, if a notification appears Unable to update settings, wait a moment and then try again until successful.

Click Save to apply a Custom Domain Blog

Don't forget to enable the switch domain, HTTPS availability and HTTPS Redirect options

So far, we have succeeded in replacing or installing a custom TLD Blogspot domain that we bought at Niaga Hoster. If the Blog cannot be accessed after implementing the Custom Doman TLD, don't panic, just wait for the next few minutes or hours.

But if after waiting for hours your blog is still inaccessible, please contact Niaga Hoster Customer Service via Chat on your Niaga Hoster Account. Submit a complaint and the Hoster Niaga Team will immediately help and fix the problem you are facing. good luck and good luck there are no obstacles in the process of practicing this tutorial.

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