Easy way to Check Lost NPWP Number

The Taxpayer Identification Number, commonly abbreviated as NPWP, is the number given to the taxpayer as a means of tax administration which is used as personal identification or identity of the taxpayer in carrying out his tax rights and obligations. To get or register a TIN can be done by coming directly to the Taxation Branch Office or registering online.

In general, everyone will store important personal data such as NPWP, but sometimes even though we have tried to save important data, unwanted things still happen, such as missing NPWP Card or not having time to print NPWP cards, data related to NPWP is deleted. Of course, we will be confused, but calm down, here I will share a tutorial on how to check your TIN number online simply by using your Family Card number and NIK. In this way, we can find out anyone's NPWP number as long as they know the KK and NIK numbers.

  1. Visit page Check NPWP
  2. Enter the 16 Digit NIK and Family Card Number
  3. Enter the Captcha code as shown
  4. Click Search
  5. Automatically the NPWP data will be displayed
  6. Done

That's an easy way to find out or check your personal NPWP online for those of you who have lost your NPWP Card or have forgotten the NPWP number that you can try to practice yourself at home. Good luck and good luck!...

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