4 Ways to Convert JPG to PDF Offline and Online

Have you ever, under certain conditions, needed a PDF file of a scanned or photographed document with the JPG extension format? How to convert JPG Files to PDF?

Here are the steps for converting or converting a JPG file into a PDF both offline and online, which are easy for you to practice at home and 100% free.

There are many ways to convert a JPG file into a PDF, in this discussion I limit using 4 methods or ways to convert PDF Files Offline and Online.

First way: Convert JPG to PDF online by converting JPG to PDF using an online converter web application, for example, smallpdf.com. The method is quite easy, namely by uploading the target JPG file then converting/converting it to PDF, and then downloading the converted result.

Second Method: Convert JPG to PDF with Adobe Photoshop Application. how to open a JPG image with Adobe Photoshop then do Save As JPG file to PDF by selecting Save As Type PDF.

Third Way: Convert JPG to PDF with Microsoft Word. The trick is to copy and paste the JPG image file into the Ms. worksheet. Word then sets the display in such away. when finished click File, select Save As then save the file with the PDF extension.

Fourth Way: Convert JPG to PDF by using a converter application such as FastStone Photo Resizer. run the FastStone Photo Resizer application then convert the JPG file to PDF.

For more details, please see the video Tutorial 4 How to Convert JPG to PDF Offline and Online below:

That's a tutorial guide on how to convert JPG files to PDF offline and online that you can try to practice yourself at home. Good luck and practice this tutorial.

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