How to Unlock Windows 10 Home in S Mode Tested

A few days ago I had a very interesting experience and this is the first time I have encountered a new case where when I want to install additional applications on a new laptop, here the HP brand always appears a notification For Security and performance This Mode of Windows Only RunsMicrosoft-Verified Apps.

From the notification above, it can be interpreted that for security and performance reasons, Windows only allows applications that have been verified by Microsoft to be installed. In other words, to install the application, we must directly go through the Microsoft Web Store.

I think it's easy to solve this problem by reinstalling Windows because after I checked for the Windows version it was Windows 10 Home in S mode.

Windows with the S mode version based on the detailed features that distinguish it from the Pro version, one of which is that it cannot install any application except the official application from the Microsoft Web Store as shown in the screenshot below:

Without thinking, I immediately tried to re-install the laptop using a Bootable Windows 10 Pro Flashdisk. For how to make a Bootable Installer Windows Flashdisk, you can find it in the search column of this blog.

But strangely it turned out that after I reinstalled windows using the Master Windows 10 Pro installer, the Windows version didn't change to Pro but still stayed on the Windows 10 Home in S Mode version. here I started to get quite dizzy, to the point that out of curiosity I tried to reinstall it again up to 3 times and the result was zonk.

Finally, I decided to find a solution through searching Google and Youtube, and Alhamdulillah I also found a tutorial that discusses how to Unlock Windows 10 Home in S Mode so that it can be free to install any additional applications. the method is quite easy as follows, please follow the step by step:

First, you click the Start Menu and then select the Settings option

Then select Update & Security Options

After that, select the Activation Menu and in the window to the right, select Go to the Store. Here there are 2 options, friends, don't choose the wrong one, choose the first Go to the Store option, which is the top one.

Don't choose the second one because it is an option to upgrade Windows 10 Home to the Windows 10 Pro version which requires you to buy a Windows License for 99$ or Rp. 2,099,999

Then just click Get to Switch Out of S Mode

Login using a Microsoft Account, if you don't have a Microsoft Account, please create one by selecting the Create One option

After successfully logging in to your Microsoft Account, just click Get

Finally, you have managed to Unlock Switch out of S Mode Windows 10 Home, Click Close

With the method above, the Windows 10 Home in S Mode version has been successfully unlocked and changed to Windows 10 Home.

Now you can install any additional Windows applications without any problems or restrictions with the notification For Security and performance This Mode of Windows Only Runs Microsoft-Verified Apps.

Those are tips for those of you who have problems not being able to install applications on a Laptop that uses the Windows 10 Home in S Mode version. hopefully, it's useful, and doesn't forget to write down your experience practicing this tutorial in the comments column and share this tutorial on social media.

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