How to Make Google Drive on Laptop

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a service that can store files online in a very large capacity with two types of Free Accounts aka Free and Paid aka premium accounts. This service can be reached on various devices, starting from computers, cellphones to laptops.

Google Drive can be accessed through the website or application. The Google Drive app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

No matter what happens to your device, files are stored securely in Google Drive. The file can only be reached by the owner of a Google Drive account. But you can also share it with certain people using links.

Google Drive is equipped with a variety of interesting features, including:

1. Open Various Files

With Google Drive, you can connect more than 30 types of files directly in the browser. This file includes HD video, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. This can all be reached even though the program has not been installed on a computer.

2. Off-line Access

If you use Google Chrome, you can turn Drive off-line to create, change, and comment on documents, slides, images, and view sheets without an internet connection.

3. Comments and Conversations

Not only are files connected, but you can also connect with others through live conversations in Spreadsheets, Documents, and Slides. You can also leave comments on files or images.

How to Create a Google Drive On a Laptop

Creating a Google drive account is actually very easy. A special requirement to create one is that you are required to create a Gmail account first

Then, you can access and create a Google drive account anywhere, in any media. It doesn't have to be a laptop, it can be a laptop either. So, the following steps can not only be done on a laptop.

There are some steps you need to do is:

Create a Gmail Account First

This is a requirement that you must fulfill. Consequently, you can't access and create a Google drive account if you don't have a Gmail.

Log In Gmail Account

After you successfully create a Gmail account. The step you need to do is log in (sign in) to your email account first. As usual, please enter your password and username to be able to use the Gmail account that you have created.

These dots are rectangular

Connection the rectangular point you can find in the upper right corner of your Gmail account. Exactly, right to the left side of the photo profile account.

After you click the sign. Then came some drop-down options. Please click the icon that says "drive". Then you will automatically log into your Google Drive account. Congratulations, that way. You have successfully created a google drive.

How to Use Google Drive on a PC / Laptop

There are 3 main points you need to understand in Using Google Drive is How to upload files, create a folder to further divide the Download or Download.

This is a fundamental activity that users should know about how to use this online data storage service. On this occasion, I used Google Drive on my PC/Laptop. Just follow these steps.

First: How to Upload a File

To be able to upload files to Google drive you must have a Google e-mail account first. If you don't already have one, please create a Google Account first.

  1. Buka your browser (example: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) then write in the link column is
  2. Please enter your e-mail in the existing place and click the Next button or next.
  3. Then enter your password and click the Next button or next.
  4. After successfully entering the main page, the way to upload the file is to select New or can be seen in the image that has been given the following red arrow.
  5. Then select File upload.
  6. Thanjutly specifies the file you want to upload to Google Drive and then select Open.
  7. Await until the file upload process is complete.
  8. The file has been successfully uploaded to Google Drive.

Key-2: How to Create a Folder

thing is How to create a folder. The role of creating this folder is so that the files you store can be stored in a folder so that it is neater and separate according to its section or each folder.

  1. Select New on the main page of Google Drive.
  2. Then select Folder to create a folder.
  3. Then please name the folder you want and then press the CREATE or CREATE.
  4. Await until the folder is finished. Then please click right on one or more files that you want to input into the folder you have created then select Move to.
  5. Then specify the folder and click MOVE or MOVE.
  6. Agar can see what files have been successfully moved to one folder by clicking 2x on that folder.
  7. When the file you selected earlier exists therefore How to create and move files to one folder has been successfully done.

3rd: How to Share Link Download or Download

One of the features offered by Google Drive is to share download or download links to someone. This is useful if you want to share files with someone. The way you just need to share the Download or Download link to your friends only, so they can immediately have access to be able to download your file.

  1. Please click right on the file or folder you want to share the link to download, then select Get shareable link.
  2. Then, there will be a link that you can share with others in the area that has been given an arrow.  you can copy or copy the link and then share it with your colleagues so that it can be directly downloaded.

A brief discussion on how to make Google Drive on a Laptop as well as How to Use Google Drive on computer and laptop devices. Hopefully useful for you. Always visit Share Tutorial Online to get important and interesting info. Happy practice

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