How to Fix an Error Laptop Keyboard

How to fix this laptop keyboard error can appear for several reasons, it could be because the laptop keyboard is dirty and other things. Therefore, here I will share a tutorial on how to fix keyboard errors for some common problems.

1. Turn Off and Restart the Laptop

Things you should do if there is a problem with the laptop. If restarting the laptop can't be done, you can press the power button for a few seconds until the laptop turns off, then turn the laptop back on.

2. clean the keyboard

Sometimes the keys on the keyboard cannot be pressed, the cause is that the laptop keyboard cannot be pressed, there may be dust/dirt on the sidelines of the keyboard keys. The way to fix this is to simply clean the keyboard gaps or use a keyboard vacuum cleaner.

3. Check NumLock

For this case, it happens when we press a letter but a different character comes out. when the NumLock key combination is pressed with another key, the characters that appear are different from the one pressed.

To solve the keyboard error caused by the NumLock key combination, you can press the Fn and NumLk keys at the same time for some other laptops, a combination of the Caps Lock key with NumLk can also be used.

4. Check Keyboard Driver

problem with the driver can also cause the keyboard to not work properly. Please check the keyboard driver by creating a Device Manager.

If the keyboard driver has a yellow triangle symbol, it can be ascertained that the keyboard driver has a problem. please download the appropriate laptop keyboard driver on the official website.

5. Check Input and Language Settings

If Fn + NumLk doesn't work, do this if the characters you wrote don't match the output. Go to Control Panel and select Regional and Language Options. then select Keyboard and Languages ??-> Change Keyboards -> Advanced Key Settings.

Then select Between Input Languages, click in the Change Key Sequence menu. there will be a new window, in the Switch Input Language and Switch Keyboard Layout sections, check the Not Assigned menu.

Click OK to continue the process. When all the steps have been done, the keyboard on the laptop should be able to run as before.

6. regardless of Laptop Battery

If the laptop keyboard is still having an error, try turning off the laptop, the laptop battery and leaving it for a while, pressing the power button for 1 minute, reinstalling the laptop battery, then turning it back on

7. replace the Default Laptop Keyboard

The most effective way to fix a keyboard error is to replace the default keyboard. To replace the default keyboard, make sure you have to find a laptop keyboard that is similar or compatible with the type of laptop.

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