How to fix a broken laptop keyboard with software

To repair a damaged Laptop Keyboard, there is actually no way to fix it using software to the best of my knowledge. Software or application programs can only be used to identify or check which parts of the keyboard components are experiencing problems or damage.

In general keyboard damage is caused by the presence of one or more problematic keyboard components, it could be due to the presence of components that have been wearing out because of the age of use that has approached the maximum limit of use (age) of a component or because of damage caused by something else outside the maximum limit of use (age) of the component itself seems to be an example of sorting on components due to voltage or incoming current is not appropriate. standard (current down drastic/excess power) or damaged due to the interference of foreign objects such as being exposed to water or the impact of hard objects. 

There is a possibility that a damaged Laptop Keyboard can be repaired with software that is in the discussion that is widely associated with drivers. But I think it is actually not appropriate if it is said that the driver can repair the damage, because actually physically maybe the keyboard component is not there are obstacles or problems just because of the absence of drivers so that it disrupts the connection between the keyboard and other hardware. So it can be concluded that the keyboard can be said to be undamaged, but only constrained or there is a software mess. 

But if it turns out that my argument is not right or even tends to be wrong, please write your argument or response in the comments field. So that we can share our knowledge and expand our horizons together through this post. 

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