How to ByPass VIVO Y91 (1816) PD1818GF FRP PIN Pattern

in the post a few days ago I have discussed the tutorial how to How to ByPass VIVO Y12 PIN PATTERN Hydra Tool which failed using the FPFlash Tool manual format method. for later in this post, I will share the tutorial again about bypassing the Android Pattern, PIN, and FRP.

To make a long story short, yesterday I had a customer of the VIVO Type Y91 Brand Android User with the problem of forgetting his pattern or PIN so that my customer couldn't

After I checked using the Identify Hydra Tool, the Android VIVO Y91 uses a Mediatek chipset instead of the Qualcomm version, namely VIVO Y91 1816 PD1818GF.

How to ByPass Pattern Or Screen PIN VIVO Y91 (1816) PD1818GF

In the process of bypassing the VIVO Y91 1816 PD1818GF Pattern I used the Hydra Tool application and here are the steps:

  1. Run the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application
  2. On Brand Select VIVO, Model Y91 (1816)
  3. On Service Tab Select Factory Reset/Format Userdata
  4. In the Options Method/Options Select Erase Userdata then Click Execute
  5. Take VIVO Y91 1816, deep the power-off condition press the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously then connect to the computer using a USB Data cable
  6. Wait for the Hydra MediaTek Tool to detect, read the VIVO Y91 1816 device
  7. The ByPass process runs automatically, please wait for until done
After the Y91 1816 Pattern or PIN bypass process is complete using the Hydra MediaTek Tool Application. turn on the VIVO Y91 then do the settings for setting up the use of the device after doing a Factory Reset (Back to Factory Settings) with a note that it is not connected to the internet network either through a SIM card or WIFI hotspot.

If it turns out that VIVO Y91 1816 is locked with FRP Google Account, we can apply the VIVO Y91 FRP bypass method without a PC which is very easy to practice, the method is as follows:

Back to the Home window page of the device setup settings, then do the settings as usual to the Fingerprint, Face, and Password Security menu. Select the Add Face Option

Select Pattern Options, then make a simple and easy to remember a pattern

Create Security Question Answers

Select Cancel option don't add Face Unlock

Kembali ke halaman Atur Jaringan, Lalu hubungkan VIVO Y91 dengan Jaringan Internet bisa melalui kartu SIM atau Hostpot WIFI lallu Klick Berikutnya

Insert the previously created Pattern

The skip option appears which means the FRP bypass method was successful

Done, VIVO Y91 1816 is no longer locked, Google Account

That's a Tutorial Guide How to Easily and Quickly ByPass VIVO Y91 1816 which is locked with a Pattern or Screen PIN using the Hydra Tool and ByPass FRP Google Account with the Finger Gymnastics method that you can try to practice.

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