how to fix a laptop keyboard that is typing itself

Some problems with keyboard errors that type themselves are generally characterized by the following problems:

  • The "/" button suddenly pressed itself after pressing another key before
  • The "Backspace" key continues to press itself until the keyboard delete existing text automatically
  • Letters on the keyboard type themselves without pressing any keys

Nach, then how to fix various keyboard pressing problems own button?

Method #1: Run Keyboard Troubleshoot

Windows provides a Troubleshoot feature to deal with various problems that occur in Windows. The troubleshooting feature plays a role in knowing what problems occur on your laptop or computer and the solutions. if the problem arises because of a software bug or glitch, the Troubleshoot feature can solve it.

But if the problem that occurs is hardware damage, this feature cannot solve it directly. The repair method is:

  1. Open the "Settings" menu via windows search
  2. Scroll down, select "Update and Security"< /li>
  3. Go to the "Troubleshoot" tab, scroll down and look for the "Keyboard" option
  4. Select "Run the troubleshooter".
  5. Wait for the process, then follow the steps given to complete.

Method #2: Update Keyboard Driver

If the keyboard on your laptop, you are still typing yourself using the first step Troubleshoot feature, it could be that the error is caused by the wrong driver bug or not yet optimal.

With the initial steps above, we generally recommend Windows 10 to update the keyboard driver.If you haven't tried the first step or you are not prompted to do this, you can update the keyboard driver in the following way :

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet
  2. Open the Device Manager menu via search windows.
  3. Here you will find Drivers installed on your laptop Hardware. select "Keyboard".
  4. Click the arrow to the side then right-click on "Standard PS/2 Keyboard", select "Update Driver".
  5. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software"

Windows will automatically search for an updated keyboard driver for your laptop. however, sometimes with this feature windows doesn't find the latest drivers, so you can try updating them manually. What is the method?

  1. Download the latest drivers for your keyboard. how to write the search keyword "Asus laptop keyboard driver series...."
  2. Do steps 2-4 above.
  3. Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
  4. Select the location where the driver you downloaded earlier is using the browse button.
  5. Click "Next", wait for the installation process to complete.
  6. Restart the Laptop

How to # 3:Turn off the Sticky Keys Feature

You are using someone else's laptop, or you have just bought a laptop from someone else, you could be a user before you activated the Sticky Keys feature. The sticky keys feature serves to change the use of a button.

So when you press the button, the results may not match. Method or how to solve it :

  1. Open "Control Panel"
  2. Change the preview to "Small icons" in the top right corner
  3. < li>Select "Ease of Access Center"
  4. Select "Make the keyboard easier to use"
  5. Uncheck "Turn on Sticky Keys" then select "Setting Sticky Keys " below.
  6. Remove all checklists and click Apply and OK

Method #4: Clean Dust / Dirt Under the Keyboard

The bottom of the keyboard keys is a part that is difficult to clean. until when it has been used for a long time, more and more dirt in the form of dust collects in it. The dust without you knowing it can fill the bottom of the keys so that the keys on the keyboard seem to be pressed without our knowledge.

You have to do this step very carefully. If you are a beginner or are afraid that the damage will get worse, I don't recommend doing it yourself. here are the steps to clean the bottom of the keyboard properly:

  1. Use a small flat screwdriver to make it easier to remove the broken keys.
  2. Slowly lift the knob with a flat screwdriver
  3. Clean the underside button using a cotton bud, or if you have a special keyboard vacuum, just use it.
  4. When it's clean, close / reinstall the button until it clicks.

For more detailed steps, please open Youtube on the steps clean laptop keyboard. the type of keyboard on a laptop is different, make it the same as your own laptop.

Method #5: Use an External Keyboard

If all the methods above have not succeeded in dealing with the problem of the keyboard pressing itself, the last way that can be done is to replace the laptop keyboard with a keyboard external commonly used on computers or personal computers.

There are lots of external keyboard products at affordable prices, you can get them in online shops or offline.

To use an external keyboard, you must first disable the internal keyboard so that it does not appear back the buttons that press themselves. do this as follows :

  1. Open "Device Manager"
  2. Select the "Keyboard" menu, press the side arrow
  3. Right-click on your laptop's default keyboard "Standard PS/2 Keyboard" select "Uninstall device"
  4. Turn off your laptop and connect it external keyboard, turn on the laptop as usual.

After you uninstall the laptop's default keyboard, therefore the default keyboard doesn't work anymore, you can only use an external keyboard.

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