How to Install Google Meet on Laptops and Computers

The pandemic period made some students, students, and employees meet online. one of the online face-to-face programs commonly used is Google Meet. Programs that provide video conference features with the requirement that they must have a google account.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a program created by Google and serves as a facility for calling with video, or commonly called Video Conferencing.

This COVID-19 outbreak spread around the world, Google Meet is also one of the stars of video call programs that are liked by some users, in addition to Zoom and Skype.

The google meet 

1. There is for free

No need to be afraid to spend expensive funds to create a virtual meeting on Google Meet. You can enjoy it for free even if limited to 60 minutes for rooms with participants of three or more people. In the past, Google Meet was a paid service, but now it's not back Systematics. If 60 minutes feels less, you can create a new free room,

Nach, if you want a paid one, you can subscribe to Google Meet Premium by paying 8 US dollars/month can make room for up to 24 hours and the optimal number of participants 150 participants.

2. Easy to Use

This advantage is a victory for Google Meet compared to other similar programs. With the ease of running it, this program becomes friendly to anyone, whether old or young.

3. There is integration with Google Calendar

Memakai program by Google means we will receive some advantages and conveniences, because of its synchronization with other Google services. Just like with the meeting agenda using Google Meet that can be integrated with Google Calendar, we will not forget to attend the same meeting according to the agenda.

4. Room meeting capacity

Then the number of participants in a meeting room makes Google Meet the right option. free service can contain up to 100 people. Want to improve the ability of the room? You can subscribe to Google Suites and make the space has a capacity of up to 250 participants, Systematics. However, this feature is preferred for enterprises.

5. Presence of video

The presence of video encryption services should be a supplier of video meeting services that provide encryption features to maintain sensitive client data. That is also provided by Google Meet by bringing encryption features so that user data is immediately deleted after using the application to avoid buying and selling data that is crowded.

How to Download Google Meet on a Laptop Using Bluestacks

Create those of you who ask how to download Google Meet on a laptop, here are some steps using Bluestacks emulator, Sistematika.

Then, you need to Download Bluestacks 

Now we just start the google meet download step using a laptop.

  1. Click icon Google Play Store.
  2. How to Download Google Hangout Meet On Laptop 
  3. Buka tabs Google Play Store and searches for the app in the search field.
  4. Find Google Meet and click on the app 
  5. Tekan Install to pair it on a laptop.
  6. Click Open when Google Meet is over is installed.
  7. Google Meet has been installed on a laptop. Click Continue and continue using.

How to Download Google Meet on a Laptop Using MEmu

there are other steps to download Google Meet on a laptop other than using Bluestacks, you can use the MEmu application, this application is the same as Bluestacks but has a more complete feature. Download MEmu 

  1. Click icon Google Play Store or can use the MEmu App Store
  2. Buka tab of the Google Play Store and search for apps in the search field.
  3. Find Google Meet and click on that app.
  4. Tekan Install to pair it on the laptop.
  5. Click Open when Google Meet is over.
  6. Google Meet has been installed on a laptop.

How to Download Google Meet on Netbooks Without Apps

Actually, you do not have to painstakingly find the step to download the Google Meet program on a laptop because Google Meet itself can be directly used on a laptop without having to install it.

Instead, you have to download additional programs to install Google Meet, it is better to follow the steps using Google Meet on the following computers and laptops:

Buka browser on your laptop. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser

  1. Visit site Google Meet
  2. if have successfully opened the Google Meet home page, click New Meeting so you can create a new meeting room.
  3. It's
  4. It's About Starting an Instant Meeting to get into the meeting room immediately
  5. Give access to your camera and microphone to be able to continue and use Google Meet to the maximum
  6. Click in the Sign In Now option to immediately obtain a virtual meeting room link If you want to make a presentation through the screen view, click Present.
  7. W invite other participants by sharing the meeting room link by copying it through the click menu Write access information.
  8. Ad others via e-mail, with the Add people option
  9. Ssai, then just wait for all the meeting participants to join you before starting.

In contrast, if you are an invited person to the virtual meeting room, you can simply enter the link you received in the Enter Meeting Code column. Now you can use Google Meet without having to bother looking for google meet download steps from your laptop and download the emulator first.

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