Solusi Redmi Note 5A Ugglite Stuck Recovery

As we know, Xiaomi warranty distributor mostly uses ABAL-ABAL Global ROM. If we force the original Global ROM flash via EDL 9008, it will experience stuck recovery and at the bottom, there is a notification "This MIUI version can't be installed on this device"

Notification of this kind of error message defines if, the original Global ROM cannot be installed (not suitable) on Xiaomi's device warranty in line. To be able to install the Original Global ROM, we have to install a Chinese ROM first, just request UBL (unlock bootloader) which takes 30 days and it is also not certain to be successful.

Therefore, in this opportunity, we will review the problem of stuck recovery Xiaomi Note 5A Ugglite without the need for UBL first. 

In addition to handling the problem of stuck recovery, this file also includes UBL and TWRP (auto UBL and TWRP). It becomes simpler and doesn't take long to flash the Original Global ROM. Remember yes, this is the Note 5A lite or UGGLITE, not the Note 5A Prime UGG. 

When before proceeding to the guide, make sure you have done some of the following;

  1. Install diver Qualcomm
  2. Download ADB driver files from WeBShared, then install
  3. Download the final file stuck recovery Note 5A Ugglite
  4. First of all, we have to open the back casing to do a test point. The test point can be seen via google searching
  5. After successfully entering download mode 9008, we just run the UGGLITE FIX RECOVERY application and enter number 1 then enter. So the flash Xiaomi Note 5A Ugglite does not use Miflash yes, which is with applications that we have modified as beautiful as possible so that it is simple and not bothered.

To make it easier about How to Handle Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Stuck Recovery, here we include a tutorial in the form of a video guide.

Agar does not work 2x, when you are will flash ROM Global for Xiaomi Note 5A warranty distributor (MDE6, MDT6, and MDG6 made in China) just use the global ROM modify above so as not to stuck recovery.

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